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  1. JulieKathryn

    JulieKathryn New Member

    Does anyone out there suffer from Migraine Headaches too? Mine are so bad I require ER injections?
  2. Tibbiecow

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    Have you tried the triptan medications, such as imitrex? Imitrex didn't work for me, but zomig, maxalt, amerge, axert do. Also Migranal nasal spray is an entirely different class of migraine abortive. My doctors also gave me super heavy duty narcotics and nausea meds to take at home so I could avoid the expense of an ER visit. Hint- don't ask for the heavy duty stuff at the first visit, they'll think you're a drug seeker. Ask to try different triptans if you're not high risk for heart problems. Try a neurologist, they have their sample cabinets STUFFED with these drugs, which are expensive. Also consider preventive medication. Try the book available at amazon called Headache Help A Complete Guide to Understanding Headaches and the Medicines that Relieve Them. This book explains the complicated and sometimes long (it took me 3 YEARS !!) process of finding a preventive that works for you. The rule of thumb is you should be on a preventive if you get more than two or three migraines a month. Three tips on the book- it doesn't list topamax, one of the newest and most effective preventives, whose best side effect is weight loss, it talks about neurontin, whose parent company was sued because it was exaggerating claims that neurontin was effective against for migraine prevention, and it talks about stadol (butorphanol) nasal spray, which in people with fibro can really suck because a short while after the pain is gone, it comes back all over your body, only worse.
    Hope this helps. Just woke up from sleeping off a migraine...
  3. swred5

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    I have found for me that taking the Imitrex the second that I get the sensitivity to light, usually that shows up before the pain hits, I can keep it at bay. I take that along with Excedrine and a coke. Sometimes it will take a couple of days where it is just lingering in the background, but doesn't surfice to the painful part. I have also found some extra relief from a product made by Origins, Sensory Therapy, Peace of Mind. You rub some on your temples, back of your head, earlobes, and then inhale the scent. Aromatherapy seems to help my headaces, an added boost to the headache rememdies. I think the bottle is about $10.00, Origins are in most of your higher end department stores, or they are online at the obvious web address. Good luck, I know how terribly these darn headaches can kill your ability to function, I am sure with all the advice on here, you will be able to find something that will work for you! : )
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    i use to get them all the time. i don't get them as often now.i took imtrex[sp?]and that helped. but i also found feverfew helped me.you might try it. migranes are just use to make me want to crawl into a deep hole and stay there!

    be thinking about you
    kahty c
  5. wolflake46

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    Hi Julie,

    I am on 250 mil. a day of topomax for a preventative for migraine headaches, but as soon as I feel one coming on I take an injection of Imitrex. It works right away as long as I catch the headache in time. Hope this helps. I know how bad a headache feels. I've had to go to the ER a few times when I haven't caught my migraine in time.

  6. JulieKathryn

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    I have done the imitrex thing, Im allergic. I take zomig. This works okay for about 3 hours then I get it right back. I take Zomig again the Darvecet. Topemax made me very out in left field. I am trying Zanaflex, Davecet and Zomig. Also, taking Ateninol. Unfortinatly, I don't get the Aura thing. When they hit they start slow and last 3-6 days. I live with migraines daily!! I am up for a new procedure called Radio Frequency treatment. This is where they go into the Facet joints in your neck and burn the nerves. Anyone got info on that? Starting a headche today took my drugs. The bad part about this is that my Dr has me on a strict amount I can have of the narcotics. The ER is even reluctant to treat me. I am going to do the RF treatment...I have be working with a Wonderful pain clinic who have tried many things but will not take over my meds due to the FP Dr. If you ask me it is a pain in my royal rump!!!
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  7. FibroNan

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    I have always been bothered with migraines and I take Zomig as soon as I feel it coming on and usually if I lay down for a about an hour, the pain goes away. I used to end up in bed for several days with nausea and the whole 9 yards.
  8. SuzieQ

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    I've tried all of the triptans in several different forms. I also tried neurontin..gave me severe leg cramps, serzone..dropped my bp..and stadol nasal inhaler..that darn thing would make me sneeze and make the headache worse, then when it kicked in it only lasted about 30 min. The only thing that remotely helped was lortab 10mg, and heaven knows that is hard to come by. You would think that after trying all that other stuff they would just give me about 10 tablets a month for when one comes on...but what do I know..I'm just the one with the pain. Luckily, they have improved slightly on their own..they aren't as severe or as frequent. Susan
  9. sp

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    I had bad migraines for over 7 yrs. No drug really helped, or the side effects were too bad. I went to a neurologist who handed me a migraine diet sheet. He said 'This is the foundation for all treatment of migraines'. Why hadn't anyone told me this before?!

    NO yeast! (many frozen prepared foods and canned soup have yeast)

    Limit citrus, tomatoes, yogurt

    NO nuts or dried fruit! (Believe me, I used to LIVE on trailmix and wake up with bad headaches everyday. I stopped the nuts and raisins and it helped tremendously!)

    No aged cheeses--feta, parmesan, and the like

    No bananas
    No Legumes (I used to LIVE on legumes....no lentils, beans, and the like)

    These are all 'healthy' foods, but boy, they are BAD for the head!