Headon collision vicitims need our prayers

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    This happened Sunday. We were coming back from another town where my parents live. You have to go over a mountain pass.

    Too make a long story short, we were the last car (had pulled back, had ordered my husband to not be so close) so thank God it was not us in the last car hit.

    Fourteen, yes 14, people ended up injured and two air-lifted out. I have medical training so ran down to accident and helped triage until med help could arrive (which was awhile). I was in charge of four people, three being from the truck with the worst injuries.

    Their father is in a regular room now. Their cousin, who is 15, Steven, is in the pediatric ICU.

    It is amazing how God has let me get past HIPPA rules and be able to stay in contact with these families.

    My main problem is they speak and understand Vietnamese better than english, so knowing only Korean and english myself, is hard to help. I did talk to the mother of Steven today and they took the trache out it sounded like. She said she would give my phone number to her sister-in-law (who I have met) because she talks better english (which she does).

    I called the chaplain for the peds floor and he said they have no one who speaks Vietnamese to talk to them. He said he would stop in more often as I said, there is no language barrier for a hug and just knowing someone cares, even a short prayer.

    But, again if you had seen the accident, you would be surprised no one had died. I expected dead bodies and more blood and gore than there was. Lots of spilled gasoline, had to cut the people out.

    The poor chldren were so scared. I said a prayer with them as simply as I could. God seem to send a spirit in me to do what I needed. I was full of brain fog, pain meds, skelaxin and yet I was able to RUN down to site (I hardly have energy to walk usually). I had a clear mind, no pain, knew what to do, I know God gave me what he needed me to do.

    So, the lesson learned for all of us is "don't think we are useless because we are hardly making life day to day with these DDs." If you ask God to be used, you will be and He will give you the spirit inside to be able for that moment to say, pray, do whatever is needed, even physically.

    Now the day or week after, you may be motionless and dead but, for the time He needs you, you will be alive with His power.

    Well, that turned out to be a sermon, sorry.

    And yes, I am dead for the second day.

    Please pray for the Nguyen family and Steven Phan that they will be healed and find the love only Jesus can give.
    They have been given a second chance.

    Also a praise, guardian angels were so busy Sunday. My husband has sleep apnea and will not use his CPAP. He has had lots of close calls falling asleep. I was never in the car thouth. Sunday about a half hour before we hit the accident, he fell asleep and crossed the center line, yes oncoming trgffic. He suddenly was awakened (hope that angel kicked his ass hard) and just missed my side of the truck being rammed at 60 mph by another car.

    Yes he got the "talk". He is to use his CPAP or I will call his doc who will in turn call DMV and have his license revoked! So now he says he will use it. Pray that he does.

    So I have found out God is not through with me yet. He had two chances in one day to take me home and spared me. So now the adventure begins.....what is my destiny to achieve, my work, what am I to do for Him?

    Hugs and prayers,
    Jinlee (Janna)
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    Have started praying for the Nguyen family, and Stephen Phan, and all 14 people who were involved in the accident.

    How astonishing it was that you were able to run down and help, and soothe the children. Using your medical training!

    Thank God you were there! Wow.

    I'll be praying also for a translator, so the Nguyen family can understand what's happening.

    Are you still allowed to visit them?

    Janna, please don't apologize for your sermon!!! That is one of the most important messages that we need here!

    Let us know what is happening with them.

    That was really strong of you to tell your husband that you would call his Doc, and DMV, to lose his license!

    Well done for everything! We'll keep praying for each member of the family.

    God Bless you!
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    Bumping for more prayer.
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    Jana I have been praying for you heaps.

    Praise the Lord, that he placed you in that situation to help, God is amazing in using our gifts and talents to bring Glory to Him!

    I pray for all those injured for full recovery.

    Love Cindy.
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    What a blessing you were there! Praying for Gods hand in this whole situation. Bless you for your good work!

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    as well as a few AMENS and PRAISE GOD!

    what a wonderful testimony

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    Praying again today for the Nguyen family and Stephen Phan.

    Do you know what their injuries are, or how they are doing?

    We can all keep praying anyway - God knows it all.