Heads-Up! Are You Missing an Easy Way to Improve Your Sleep?

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by CortJ, Jun 16, 2013.

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    I'd like to read this too, but the link isn't working .... even when I google it and go directly to Cort's blog, it says the page is not available - it sounds very interesting!

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    Okay, just read it and it is fascinating. The "heads-up" sleeping is supposed to help with much more than just sleep. When done over a period of weeks, POTS symptoms can be greatly improved, also will decrease vascular resistance and increase cardiac output when standing. These last two things are measured by the impedance cardiography test using a Bio-Z machine, which I did quite poorly on. I'm going to try it!
  4. Your link is dead i think....
  5. Your link is dead i think....
  6. Your link is dead i think....