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    How much sorrow can the human heart hold?
    How much can it break before it's veins will run cold?

    How many tears can fall upon ground?
    How many can fall but still not make a sound?

    Who will hear when a might heart rips?
    Who will hear when the last tear drips?

    Who will listen before before someone stops calling?
    Who will listen before the tears stop falling?

    Where is my Savior who said he would pay?
    Where is my Savior on my dying day?

    It may not be my body that dies, it reminds me with pain it is not.
    It's just my soul that is tattered and beat, my soul that perhaps was forgot.

    Forgot that He promised He'd always be there, that He'd suffer each sorrow and sin
    I was sure He was perfect, would never forget, was sure I would see Him again.

    But my body and heart are battered and broke, strewn along life's road
    I've finally succumbed, my faith paper thin as I stumble under the load.

    Dear Father, Dear Savior, I try one more time, to plead my case alone,
    Please rescue me from the life this mine, PLEASE HEAL ME OR BRING ME HOME.

    I wrote this when I was in a place l thought I could never escape from, I was so deathly ill and had held my 14 year old son in my arms as he died from complications of CP and I was no better off. I was wishing I could have gone with him, the pain and sickness was more than I could bare and not a Dr. who would listen.
    I thought those who believe in God might understand this poem and help me understand what it is he wants me to do with what is left of my strength or maybe just help me pray for the strength to accept all He's left of me

    Much faith and prayer for you,
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    I could relate to your poem from the very first line! I don't have enough strength right now to articulate my thoughts, but wanted you to know that someone heard and cared.

    I can't even imagine the heartbreak that you've gone through! I am so terribly, terribly sorry!

    I'll write more when my strength returns, but will pray for you just exactly as you asked.

    Love, in Christ
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    I have read your poem many times - it speaks from such depths. I've been in those depths too - of suffering, for much of my life.

    How are you doing now?

    Please don't be offended that there weren't more responses. There are not many Christians left here - most have left, or are sick. Some pray very faithfully, but don't have the strength to post.

    I read some of your posts on the Chat board - they were hysterical! You have a great sense of humor. Laughter is such a healing medicine.

    I'm praying for you to find God's presence and purpose in your life, and for the strength to go on. I know how very hard that is.
    Judy[This Message was Edited on 11/20/2009]
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    Stacey, I am so sorry for your loss, I cannot imagine going through what you did.
    I do know when things were so bad with me I had gone to a church service and during a song about Jesus taking our tears I "saw" Christ with His hands out like a cup and He said "Give them to me", God's ways are not ours and we don't always understand but He certainly knows what it was like to be in pain and to lose a child.
    Just keep looking up and He will show you want He wants. To have that unfailing faith the our Lord WILL give you the strength, you can't do it only God can but He will give it to you.
    Praying you will have the peace Christ promised us believers that surpasses all understanding.