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    Hi healing and dsames...thankyou for BUMPING my message. I am new to this and really don't know anyone but it is so nice to know others read my message and helped me. I don't know how to bump but I was told it keeps it active ? I really was looking for advice as my doctor doesn't believe in strong medicine for chronic pain. He says the gov't watches everything a doctor gives. Also he said I was already dependant on percoset ( I had gone to another doctor) and he wrote to my doc and said he recomended it. Thus my doc gave it but didn't like to. I can only get 60 a mo. Take 2 a day. If there is 31 days no difference. I have to go to him to get the script as he cannot phone it in... it has to be written. Each time I hear the same thing. The days I go to the doctor I am so nervous and upset. I would like to go to this other doctor all the time but he is so far away and I really need a doctor in this town. Have you ever heard...Do you want crackers with your whine. Anyway I hope you guys are having a good weekend and not in too much pain. I did write a bio beings I am new here. Thanks again for your help. larayne
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    I will bump this again for you.

    It's not hard to do

    You scroll to the bottom of your message click on the reply. It will open a message box for you.

    Type in the message box the word bump and then click on the "post message" Like this:


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    I read your bio (haven't put mine on yet, waiting for a good pictures of me and my fur babies. I have two shelites, that I have trained for use in nursing home facilites, and hospitals so maybe I will come up with a pic soon.

    Re your pain, I have found magnesium and malic acid to help me alot, and I take Ultracet for break through pain.

    I take 2 magnesium pills and bedtime and two in the morning, helps a lot most of the time, sometimes when it is damp and cold, nothing much helps, then I just get my heating pad and sit in my recliner with a nice cup of hot tea.

    Hope you have some better days soon.
    PS just realized I put the wrong name on the first post, sorry.[This Message was Edited on 05/25/2003]
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    It's the kind of small courtesy you'll find all the time on this board.

    Dsames is right about the magnesium, but be careful -- too much can cause diarrhea. Start with 120 mg. and work up from there.

    You didn't ask, but I have to say that you need to be comfortable with your doctor. If you are uncomfortable in any way, you might be better off driving.

    If you are addicted to or dependent on (and I'm not really sure of the difference) percoset, then perhaps your doc can work with you to come up with a different drug regimen that is less addictive. A lot of people here use a patch, but I'm not sure what is in it -- just do a search for "patch" in the little box at the top of the page. Just be open to different treatments -- many people have been through numerous ones as they progress through their DDs or until they find what works for them.

    All the best to you.
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    thank you for your replys. I think I shall stop my medications and try magnesiums and malic acid. These can be bought over the counter can't they? Must be safer. Hope they will control the pain. It gets unbearable.
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    Yes, you can buy these over the counter -- but it's best to order from this website or find another brand that is put together pharmaceutically. Many supplements have been found to have much smaller (or larger!) amounts of their prime ingredient than they state on the bottle. Caveat emptor -- buyer beware!