Healing Commune Dream Reality?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kanon11, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. kanon11

    kanon11 New Member

    Hi, I'm new here, and the first thing I searched for was the word "commune." There was a lot of dreaming, but nothing concrete. :-(

    Looks like I'm like a lot of you, feeling the need for something like this. Life is just too stressful on a PWC alone or in an unsupportive environment. You can't get better in such an environment, so I've been looking.

    There probably are places, but everything costs money. Anybody else see the movie "Safe"? It was about a woman with MCS who went to a healing commune type thing.

    Then, just recently, I found online the Clymer Center which specializes in treating CFS and has its own patient live-in sanctuary.

    Anybody know of any other places like this?

    I am considering starting my own if I don't find something. The demand is there. I figure if everyone contributes their disability money, that would be enough for mortgage, food, and utilities. Land is cheap in some parts of the country. Medical expenses are tougher... I need to talk to existing communities or maybe start really small and learn as I go--maybe just a few acres for 10 people or so who don't have much medical expenses. (Like me. I just can't afford it, so I've had to go the natural healing approach, which I'd probably have done anyway. All modern doctors ever did was give me anti-depressants.)

    Oh, maybe I should introduce myself. :) I'm 32, male, have had CFS for 13 years. Got social security a few years ago. I'm pretty much debilitated, can't work or do much of anything other than rest, but I don't have the really bad symptoms like some people that can be almost life threatening at times.

    Anything else you'd like to know just ask!

  2. NightAngel

    NightAngel New Member

    It's really nice to meet you! The idea for a commune sounds absolutely wonderful! I've often heard some bipolars talk about doing something like that, too. It's not for me, but I can see where it would really be beneficial for others. You can share in chores and be with others who are understanding of your condition.

    Good luck in your search. I hope you find what you're looking for.
  3. NightAngel

    NightAngel New Member

    Where do you live and I will search google for you.
  4. sofy

    sofy New Member

    The reality is someone has to repair the broken window, fix the roof, provide funds for taxes and o and on. I live in a small house all by myself and its too much. A commune with a bunch of too sick people and no one capable of being the capable leader spells disaster no relief.
  5. kanon11

    kanon11 New Member

    Night-Angel, thanks for the offer! Maybe you will have better luck than me. I live in Chicago, but I can travel anywhere in the US. I take annual trips out to Arizona for 1-2 months where I just sit in the desert for awhile by myself. I find it's good to do this to let my body relax and heal. No responsibilities, no stress, no TV, just fresh air and beauty. The hardest part is washing my mess kit--sometimes I'm too tired!

    As good as these trips are, though, I find myself kinda lonely, which I feel impedes the healing process. Better would be a similar situation surrounded by a bunch of supportive people... hence the commune idea!
  6. kanon11

    kanon11 New Member

    Hi Sofy,

    You're right, of course, all that will be problems, but are they insurmountable problems or are they solveable???

    Heck, just getting SS disability seemed impossible in my case (Lack of positive test results, no visible symptoms), but I did it!

    It'd be a mammoth job though.. more than sick me could handle. Might need funding, volunteers, and a hired manager or something like that.

    Anyway, it's just a dream of mine for now, but we really need something like this... somebody just has to figure a way to do it... or find it if it already exists somewhere.
  7. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    I have seen that a few times, cannot even begin to guess.

  8. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    Hi Kanon.

    I'm Canadian, in toronto and I don't think my gov't dis benefits would allow me to live in the US, otherwise I am very interested [if my cat is allowed to come]

    one of the tricky parts would be to be away from a smoggy polluted noisy city, yet near good medical facilities.

    Nice to meet you. It's hard being in 30's and pretty debilitated isn't it?

    I feel for you, as I feel for myslef.

    Guess you're not coming up for the Stones Concert? lol!

    Jen F with the messy apt.
  9. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    live in a healing commune in a beautiful rural space....but i am in the UK, and on benefits that won't transfer to the US.
    Sounds like a really good idea.
    lots of us are alone and costs can be shared by living with others.
    imagine all the built in understanding, of course you will need to be somewhere without modern day toxins whch make us worse.
    well if i was in the US i would want to do it.

  10. kanon11

    kanon11 New Member

    Hi Jen F and pinkquartz!

    Yeah, I've often thought about going to another country but like you my disability benefits require I stay in the country. India would be awesome! (The plane ride wouldn't be though!)

    Cats are very welcome. I have one too, but they'll need to get along with the dogs.

    > Nice to meet you. It's hard being in 30's and pretty
    > debilitated isn't it?

    Yup, but it's not so bad now that I've changed my attitude. For example, I'm not into active sports like biking like I used to be, and even after I get well, I probably won't grab my old barbell again right away. I'm more into things like yoga and chi kung now. These seem like much more mature systems.

    > Guess you're not coming up for the Stones Concert? lol!

    Unfortunately no. ;-) Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix, though, and I'm there! To the psychedelic concert in your mind!!! (Though only 32, I love the idea of the Summer of Love. Carrying on the torch!)

    > imagine all the built in understanding, of course you
    > will need to be somewhere without modern day toxins whch
    > make us worse.

    Definitely. My friend has some land in the desert Southwest of America. It's way out in the middle of nowhere, relatively speaking. There are neighbors, but what I mean is you have to travel miles down a bumpy dirt road through the wilderness before you get there. Used to be a famous resort before it burned down. It's very beautiful there and extraordinarily peaceful. I could just sit on the porch all day looking at the mountains... and now he's selling it!
  11. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    and i hope you do for your own sake and because its a good idea, then maybe i could just visit !

    keep posting....

    i also wanted to go back to india but am way too ill now.

    hope you get replies from people who can join in with you.

    cheers, pinkquartz
  12. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    That's great you can do yoga!

    I'm too sick to do yoga right now, but did it for a few years and I just love it. It is great exercise, great for stretching, and the relaxation portion at the end is very beneficial.

    I once did a type of very athletic yoga. Emphasis on once. It was an advanced aerobic workout and I think I was at a moderate level. I still remember how my deltoid and tricep muscles kept "thrumming" all night, so many upward dogs, downward dogs, I might as well have done 75 push ups! I can't remember whether that was Ashtanga or something else, so many kinds of yoga now. I did Kripalu style, which might be called something different now, but is very similar to the type done by Ali MacGraw on her wonderful video Yoga Mind and Body - I love the desert background and the music.

    glad you found something you can do for exercise.

    I also learned some Tai chi years ago, wonder how similar chi gung is...

    I really miss my yoga and I hope I can get back to it soon. I'm so sick right now, though, and in pain, that I will be happy just to be able to enjoy a bit of TV like before! This benzo withdrawal is awful and I'm afraid to take anything now for my neck pain/injury except herbs and supp's, though I did break down this morning and take some advil. I have a bottle of toradol, which is beckoning me, but I have never taken that before and my recent drug reaction was so scary -- and I'm still suffering effects, i am a little afraid of all medicines right now.

    Hopefully I will be well enough to get out and get some acupuncture or chiropractic or something on Monday.

    Do you have any pain, or is it mostly fatigue with you?

    BTW, I once lived in a commune for a little while. I loved a lot about it, but there were too few people and WAY too much work to try to maintain large main building, bed and breakfast business, restaurant, zoo and endangered species haven, organic gardens and no days off and food not according to my special diet [for eg. too much soy and i'm sensitive to soy] so my health actually worsened! But, was a phenomenal time and I have interesting experiences and memories. I lived in a large tent once the worst of the winter was over. One of the lessons learned [lol]: I burned a large beezwax candle with a hemp wick [all handmade on-site] inside the tent for warmth, woke up next morning with a fine layer of silt-like smoke over EVERYTHING, including me, I kept blowing black powder out of my nose! Need to keep those wicks trimmed! Might be natural but not exactly clean burning!

    Take care.