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    A few years ago--i went to a holistic chiropractor/herbalist/applied kinesiolgist. It was strange because after some improvement, i started to experience very strong flu like symptoms, including feeling feverish,terrible sore throat, throbbing glands, etc. i have come to identify this with hhv6. A lab showed a very low white blood cell count--and the doctor i see for cfids told me after seeing the lab that i would never be well again......

    i was praying about getting a handle on these symptoms. one day i overheard a relative speaking about how this chiro. healed her from h-pylori. after hearing the story-without even telling anyone--i made an appointment to see him.

    He said people who come to his office and say they have the fibro/cfids thing--are just telling him they have a bunch of symptoms that know one knows what to do with....i am not sure i really agree--and he was pretty arrogant and made a disparaging remark about me not being able to work....he also told me to find another cfids doctor---not one that would say that to me, about not getting better ever.

    I decided i would just let him do his thing and see what happend--i also did not tell him too much details about my symptoms. After his evaluations--he came to tell me i had lyme disease probably for years--i am not surprised--with pets and walking dog in the woods,etc. and also a secondary viral infection--what i think is the hv6.

    upon taking his antiviral cocktails and seeing him about every 2 weeks for about 2 months...the weirdest thing happened--i was driving in my car, and all of a sudden started sweating from my head---i heard popping sounds coming out of my head,,,,,and i pulled over....my hair was soaking wet--it lasted about 5 minutes......and then all my viral symptoms disappered.....it was so strange....but i knew that neck of the woods--of healing was over......

    i still am sick with fatigue and cognitive and sleep issues.....but wanted to share this.
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    Can be part of a Herx-like reaction to a major dieoff of pathogens in the body. It is usually combined with nausea and/or diarrhea. It is the body purging itself of dead, toxic pathogens. If you do have Lyme, you will have to continue to fight it as Lyme, like mycoplasmas, can change form and deposit cysts deep inside the body's tissues. These cysts can reactivate when you get run down, sick or injured.

    It usually takes a lot of courses of antibiotics to drive Lyme into the latent state. That antivirals caused this reaction makes me think you may be co-infected with a chronic virus. Most of us have more than one chronic infection.

    Best of luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    ANN--he is in new york state--many persons with treatment resistent lyme see him as well as h-pylori--and cfids---i believe he is good at getting rid of low level infections including hhv6