(healing?) pressure in brain

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    hi there,

    I'm trying one last forum because/but I'll probably just be talking to myself again ;)

    after abx and (homeopathic, and worse..) antivirals I've been having a weird and quite severe pressure in my brain which seems to sometimes break through some kind of barrier (I actually hear something, like dry branches snapping) and depending on the spot my otherwise quite static (poor) health is, anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours, all over the place

    I've been sick long enough to know the difference between "normal" ME crap and "there's something happening" and this, imho, falls into the latter category
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    Hi there hon,

    I think that it is important for you to either get in to see your GP asap...or, do what some of us do here (the UK) just go straight to the hospital as that way they will most likely want to do some imaging of your brain to see what exactly is going on ...because you are right...you know your body, and you also know when something definitely is not part of it - even if you are unwell...you 'know' what that is like. Please don't wait sweetie. Please keep us posted. A.x
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    you’re absolutely right but when I went to the neurologist they did an MRI (which showed something vague in that area but nothing “interesting”)
    the same thing is happening in my thyroid and the EEG, with a thingy pasted on my throat as well, came up clear except for the pulsing throat which is as far as they’re concerned fasciculations/muscle contractions, and my ME-specialist agrees
    the neurologist wanted to do another EEG for which you need to be awake for 24 hours, which is undoable w/ M.E, so I declined

    so don’t worry ;) and what a cute kitty
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    Glad to read that you have at least had some things researched...it's a hard one when you just 'know' that something isn't right...

    This is Kappy Cat - Kappachino Inyanga - He is one of the characters in the book that my friend and I wrote for young families where the parent or carer has an invisible illness. He is my little love sponge and shadow. Although he is not a ragdoll (he is a rarer breed called a Tiffanie), he literally flops. Upside down, in your arms and snuggles in with you. I tried to send you a picture...but it keeps saying that the size is too big. So, that's me stumped! Waiting for husband/IT guy to come home!

    Do you have any animals to help keep you company?
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    ← meet Lotje, been keeping me company since ‘97

    only problem is that I can’t seem to convince anyone, including (or esp doctors) that this is not a problem but rather a solution, at least for me.. I also forgot to mention that the pressure was also triggered by thyroid hormones which “directs” (Dutch foggy brain can’t think of a better word) cell metabolism, which is what viruses feed off, and before I go into major theory-mode I’ll stop typing now (unless someone is interested..?)

    yay for IT-guys ;D
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    I am lost! (nothing new there then....) Why is this a solution and not a problem. Awww...what a cutie pie. Wow, she's an old lady! What about looking at investigating functional medicine /doctor...you might find that they have the answers and help you need. You have had the proper investigations done already, so that is out of the way...might be an idea perhaps?

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    Lot meowed that she's not old but seasoned!

    everyone who I say this to gets lost so you're not alone :( "I think I'm (very slowly, I gather there's a surprising lot of braincells in there after all needing "rebooting") getting well from things snapping in my brain" gets very little amount of enthusiasm.. will try again if it actually happens k??
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    Wow. How interesting is that?! Almost like, erm, things are reconnecting and fusing...? For me, I get kind of 'electric shocks' if I move the wrong way. It is always so difficult to try and explain to someone what you are going through if they haven't experienced it themselves. A.x
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    PS liked the 'seasoned but not old' that's right up there with when I snore it's called 'purring'
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