healing stones anyone??

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    I know this is really random, but I somehow recently noticed some websites that have been offering "healing stones". There are a ton of different stones/gems and they supposedly contain a lot of healing properties, but I've just never heard of this before and it was interesting to me.

    I was wondering if anyones ever heard of these or ever tried any of them?
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    Healing stones work on the principal of energy body work. As everything is made up of and contains energy, some have found that the laying on of stones will help break through energy blockages in the body so the body can heal itself.

    Using them is kind of fun. First you have to choose one that "feels" good or right for you. Then they need to be "cleansed" of any negative energy or what they have picked up from others by sitting in the sun for hours, or moon light for a few nights, buried in the earth, rinsed under cool water, or left to sit in a container of sea salt. They are then laid on the body in specific areas of concern and or on the chakras and allowed to sit for awhile. There are quite a few books you could reference on the use of healing stones.

    There are many types of energy therapies out there, Reiki, Quantum Touch, EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique, Accupuncture, Accupressure, Reflexology and Polarity Therapy to name a few. Even a good massage from a trained professional can release what is locked up in the body preventing good health.

    I'm a Reiki Master/Teacher and have had Reiki, healing stones, reflexology and Polarity therapies used on myself and I'm learning about EFT right now. They all work on breaking through energy blocks. At the very least, energy work induces relaxation and relief from stress.

    EFT involves tapping in a sequence of specific spots on the body to break an energy blockage that anyone can learn to do from the internet or a book. It works on the same premise as accupressure. Most of the time an illness is triggered by a long standing buried emotion or trauma and EFT works to release them. You can tap for physical ailments or emotional ones and once you release one, another one often clears up. Using the technique does require persistance until relief is achieved though, and sometimes it won't work. Others, there are many layers to an emotional or physical situation and it needs address from different directions.

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    I'm sure you can find a similar stone in your backyard for free. as for healing, better keep looking.
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    I am currently using the RST (Resonant Sound Therapy) to open up and balance my chakras. I use small stones for one week stretch at a time (so far) with success. I have been doing the RST sessions just about once per week since the middle of November, 2008.

    Take care... :)
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    You said it before I could, LOL!!

    However, people sometimes carry something like a rock to rub when feeling anxious and it works not because of any magical power but the repetition of rubbing it is relaxing.It distracts from what is making you nervous. THere is a word for these stones but my foggy mind can't think of it.

    Can you sell these on EBay? I could use some money.

    Sorry, I did not mean to be disrespectful but it was a perfect set up for a joke.


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