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Discussion in 'Detoxification' started by andie01322, Oct 30, 2013.

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    hi everyone I am new here. I have had fibro for 7 years and been on all the meds prescribed for it. I love the health shop so have tried all sorts of natural remedies hoping for some miracle. I have had other health issues since I was 15. I am 41 now. 24 days ago I started a juice diet after watching a doccalled Fat, sick and nearly dead. I have experienced nothing more than a miracle. All my symptoms have gone!! I energy like I have never felt in my life time. I am also going to the sauna to to aid with detox. I wanted to share this because I want you all to feel as well as this. x
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    Andie - so glad to hear how well you're doing. What ingredients are you using in the juicing?

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    Andie - just ordered his doc from Netflix after doing a search on him. Thank you for posting!

    Right now I have severe mold illness on top of CFS. From the hurricanes, flooding and mold here in the NE

    I'm wondering if the juice is difficult to digest. This week I've had such extreme intestinal illness, gastritis and gerd from the mold toxins. Could hardly keep in water, then today tried just a third cup of org. chicken broth. Not a good response.

    I'll look on his sites for more info. My own Dr. had rec juicing years ago and I did it for some time. Will try again though.

    Much good wishes to you too!
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    quite the opposite, the juice digests easily, I wish I tried years ago. wow that your doc recommended juicing! I wish mine did lol. gentle hugs to you x
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    A few years ago I was told about a rheumatologist in the L.A. area who cured someone of fibromyalgia using green drinks. I don't know the formula, but I think the entire diet was to consist of green smoothies for something like 6 months. I don't have FM but it sounded very intriguing for people who do. If you google "fibromyalgia green smoothies" you can find more info. I did try to look up the doctor for a friend; unfortunately, she (the doctor) no longer took private patients (she was working for a large company)

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    thanks, Mary, I am drinking green juices, but I believe they are easily digested if juiced. but of course smoothies are great. You need a variety of colours to drink xx
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    Andie - I watched the video last night - it was pretty amazing. What brand model of juicer are you using?
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    I alternate between juicing with my old Champion juicer and blending drinks with the NutriBullet. I feel that the juicing actually gives me a bit more vitality than the blended drinks, particularly when I do a 24-hour juice fast, which consists of making my own juices about every 2 hours or so. I do feel an energy boost after my fast. There's less of a boost from blended drinks, I find, though I'm getting lots of fibre from them and perhaps other nutrients that aren't as readily available in a juice.
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    I bought a sage juicer x
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    Follow me xx
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    I like this site for using nutritional juices and smoothies to improve health...

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    I am new here and I was amazed by your story. Thank you for sharing this with us and more powers!
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    I am very glad for you by reading your story.
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    it really nice.. I think for diet it really helpful.
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    thanks, Mary, I am drinking green juices, but I believe they are easily digested if juiced.
    Today is my lucky day to find your great website online, awesome!
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    Wow... the way you're going is really good. Thanks for sharing this.
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    Andie - so glad to hear how well you're doing. What ingredients are you using in the juicing? Pls Elaborate it
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    I started this thread over 3 years ago now. A lot has changed. I still juice daily some times alternate days depending how strong I'm feeling. I only juice what I enjoy so it's all about personal taste. There are many juicing apps for nice recipies.
    I stick to mean green and
    Carrot and orange with lemon and ginger
    Beetroot apple carrot lemon and ginger. I found that only if I fast (1 meal in the evening) will I be able to reduce my symptoms drastically. That's not sustainable.
    Andie01322 x
    I do have a blog with all my experiences but I'm not allowed to share it here. I found writing very theraputic.
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    Informative thread...