!!!!Health Canada issues alert for the herb Chaparral!!!

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    In our papers today.....

    Health Canada is warning consumers not to ingest the herb chaparral in the form of loose leaves, teas, capsules or bulk products because of the risk of liver and kidney problems . So far, the federal department has received one report of acute hepatitis associated with chaparral ingestion.

    Health Canada has also issued a customs alert to prevent the importation of natural health products containing chaparral. The following have been identified as products sold on the Canadian market:

    Hanna's Herbal Special Teas -- LYM(TM) (formerly Lymph Tea), made by Kroeger Herb Products Co., Inc., Boulder, Colo.

    Strauss Healthy Cell Tea; Strauss Lymphatic Capsules; and Strauss Lymphatic Tea, made by Strauss Herb Co., Kamloops, B.C.

    Health Canada is urging consumers to carefully check for chaparral on food and natural health product labels. Chaparral-containing ointments, creams and lotions have not been associated with the adverse effects of oral products containing the herb.

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