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    I have had a urinary problem for one month and can barley sit on a total and pee and every time I do I pray that something comes out. The Phoenix VA has been jerking me around for exactly one month and I don't know what is going on and I contacted everyone I can and still nothing. I can't get Medicare for 15 months and I own my own house and am retired with a disability so because the way the system is set up I figure I will die from red tape and administration screw ups. I'm just wondering what I can do. If I pay for medical service myself in about a month my house will be gone and there is no guarantee that the private sector will be any better because to see a urologist you have to jump though the hoops and when you are about to jump though the last hoop is when you will be pronounce dead.
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    Without knowing the in's and out's of how your insurance works, can you not get in to see someone? There isn't a VA Dr. somewhere or even an Urgent care clinic to go visit to make sure you don't have an infection or something?

    I would not have let this go on for a month. Of course, I understand you've been trying to cut your way through the red tape, but I also wouldn't let a problem like that go on for a month.
    If you're experiencing any pain or anything else abnormal, I wouldn't wait any longer. I'd certainly go somewhere and pay the office visit.

    When you say the Phx VA has been jerking you around - what do you mean - you can't get into a VA Doc?
    Who has been treating you previously? If I remember correctly you had seen a Dr in Phx right?

    I hope everything is alright! Drink lots of clear liquids - water is best.
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    ProHealth does not provide any doctors here to answer questions--- so if you are unable to urinate at all on a weekend, you should get to the V.A. hospital emergency room immediately. You said in another post you are unable to urinate and that requires immediate attention and since it is the weekend, the emergency room would be the place to go. When I had the problem where my back began to impinge on nerves and I was unable to urinate, I was rushed into surgery on emergency.

    If you are having a continuous problem with getting treatment at the V.A. Hospital, your V.A. psychiatrist that has worked with you and even admitted you to the mental facility there would be a good source to talk to for help. Call your V.A. psychiatrist and ask what suggestions he can offer you to get help. He should be able to direct you to someone who can help you get care.

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    You should get your prostate and your kidneys checked out.
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    By the way, it's time to stop always stating you will probably be dead in a short while. You've mentioned it so many times in posts on the depression board about depression, about your weight, about your crazy eating, that IF IT WERE ACTUALLY TRUE, you would have been gone by now. I know two people who are terminal and they really are dying, and others here probably know others. So let's stop constantly claiming you will probably die. You'll probably outlive us all.