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    Hi Everyone!
    I have'nt been on in a while. I was diagnosed with fm about 1 1/2 yrs. ago. I just got a letter stating I have gotten a favorable decision with my disability. My question is: Between what my fiance makes and what I'll get from disability, that I will lose my medicaid and fidelis. Do they have to give me insurance through medicaid if i am disabled or will they take it away. If so I will not have ins. I was also just diagnosed with skin cancer, very treatable, but nervous about ins. I live in NY state. HELP!
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    Hi....Do you mean that you were just approved for SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance?

    If so, add 2 1/2 years to the date that they approved you from. It should be on your approval letter. That will be the date your Medicaire ( not Medicaid ) insurance will begin.

    My SSDI was approved May of 2007, but they gave me back pay to the day I became to sick to work which was Nov. 2005. My Medicare insurance began May of 2008 ( 2 1/2 years after I became unable to work)

    If you are speaking of SSI for low income and Medicaid, that is totally different. You have to meet strict income levels and more that I don't know.

    I hope this helps

    Good Luck


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