Health Professionals, who is watching their booby hatch, lol...

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    Please, I am just throwing this around with a little bit of humor involved, but I really wonder how these Caretakers would look on paper if we were asked to write a chart at each visit, and what we see was taken seriously. Maybe, we should each get a chance to chart the session then the truth will have a better chance of coming out.
    Sometimes, I walk out of the doctors feeling as if they are a little off.
    As far as family goes, God Bless them, they just don't get it, nor did I before I had it and actually all of us in here constantly are believing different things and I think secretly we all have thoughts that some of the other people here might not be right, lol. What I am learning is this disease constantly changes, it has so many side issues and being in a state of living where the information, and our bodies change daily, we do get confused. But we are not nuts, we are human beings sorting out enormous amounts of info while in pain and frankly if I didn't have this some of the things it does seem just plain weird.
    I thank and need every person here at every stage of this illness so that I can identify, remember, forsee and keep in the game. I know I sound just plain miserable and not quite right on any given day, but I'm just trying to survive. Having a therapist with a sense of humor, and acceptance of people as they are has helped, my counselor helps me sort things out. My psychaitrist helps sort out the chemical stuff and how it affects not just my moods, but my illness, he understands that the whole deal is chemistry and doesn't try to put pigeon hole me.
    But truly, the Health Professionals are seeming to me to be a bit strange and I am sure there is a psychological profile for them , but they don't want us to know, because Doctoring takes a certain type of person, and I don't mean compassionate and caring. There's plenty of other things involved with that career choice and I'm glad we have them, but to imagine their opinions or there ability to be judges of character might just be stretching it.
    So lets remember we do know who we are and what's happening, we believe each other and we keep our minds open and seek answers. I'd say that makes us not only sane but highly intelligent with capacity to learn. I don't know if I can say the same for the Health Professionals.
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    It's difficult to imagine a caring concerned physician if you have encountered only negativity and ambivalence. I do not think you should give up on finding a good doctor for yourself. As in any profession there are going to be some "dorky" people but I think there are many caring intelligent physicians and other health professionals out there to care for us. Please don't judge the whole profession of medicine on the behaviors of a few individuals.
    Best Wishes,
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    Darla, you make me wonder, I don't think my experience is particularly unusual. I am basing it on 10 minute appointments. The unfortunate limiting of Doctors case load by Insurance Companies and other such realities of medicine. There is no doubt in my mind that Physicians need to deal in very challenging and real world of medicine dictated by Lawyers and Insurers.
    So May I ask patients in general do they run into these instances as often as I or am I to think by Darla's reply that I have had particularly bad luck with physicians.
    I am also trying to sort out how much has to do with location and the Laws from State to State.
    Thanks for the sympathy and I'm sorry I have had such experiences, but I really don't believe I am that unusual. Certainly would like more feed back on this though
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    I could write a book on idiot doctor's experiences. Like the doctor who came in the examination room and started telling me how sick she was and how much stress she was under. Even though I went to her in pain I finally just told her to renew a prescription for me and that I hoped she felt better soon and I left. (For this I PAID her!)
    And the fact that it took me 20 years to get a diagnosis of fibromyalgia says something about the system.
    Having worked more than 20 years in the health insurance industry, I think I can say that insurance along with corporate greed is the biggest problem.
    I hope and pray that someday there will be a better system.
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    lol.. I as a nurse have seen and experienced what you are talking about.. I (expressing my own opinion from my own experience) have witnessed and experienced this and I see it more from "specialists" than I do Gp's. I have seen five specialists and four of them questioned my mental health because of one specialist. A neurologist from hell who passed the word after I complained to my doc about how I was treated and that he never even examined me. The neurosurgeon that I just saw a couple of weeks ago had never met me prior and evidently did not know I was a nurse. His first words after he introduced himself was "had you seen a neurologist in lancaster?" I felt like crying right off the bat. When a doc refers a patient it is to whom they have delt with and a lot of times they are friends or close colleagues. I have seen it myself when I was working a doc tell another doc that just to "humor" the patient. And now this is how we are treated. Oh and the "you know depression makes pain worse" statement. That urks me. I was not depressed first. That came after all of these "Doctors" have played their games and from the pain from this GD disease..
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    Believe me, you are not the only one to find that doctors are often incompetent and difficult to deal with. There are some good ones out there, but I haven't been lucky enough to come in contact with any of them. My experience has been that they are arrogant, insulting, rather ignorant about FMS, and easily threatened by someone who has done research on their own condition and requests that they stretch themselves intellectually.

    The ones I've seen don't even utilize the Scientific Method - which would be the very least a patient could ask of a doctor (in my opinion). The ones I've dealt with have just thrown drugs at my condition instead of actually attempting to uncover the sources of the problems I'm having. I do beleive there are some intelligent and dedicated doctors out there, but I think they are few and far between (unfortunately). There are a number of very good books out there about FMS and CFS, and they have been much more useful to me than any doctor I've visited.