Health, wealth or wisdom?

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Cactuslil, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. Cactuslil

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    Wouldn't it be wonderful to have it all but if I had to choose I think it would be wisdom, even if it is through trials of health that we can learn.

    I went to the surgeon today from the failed surgery wens. before last. Time has been difficult since then as I had no idea who, what or the problem would be addressed. Dealing with unknown factors is a personal problem for me; having this procedure with nothing but pure-dee suck up strngth will be difficult. Please pray that this time I can endure to get the wire locator (in my r. breast) in the breast so my surgeon can remove the possible carcinoma. He ofered to transfer me to CTRC, or another really good hospital in SA but I do think this minor and want to be home. He is giving me a sedative of sorts this trip around; that may be enough.

    I pray for you folks and for those out there living in this physical condition and having not the info we have. I truly believe if we know what is happening, what is to happen next opens our minds to grasp the truth and with the help of our higher power, endure.

    My daughter received a really pretty pic in the mail yesterday and she showed it to me. It asked for money to feed poor people in USA. Having worked the last two years prior to my "condition", I worked in a sleezy red-light district in Austin, Tx. at a 7-eleven. We have many come in panhandling and I could just have shook the folks who did not understand that those pimps and their whores were not looking for a "hot dog"...they wanted beer, wine. Well, beging the aggressor I used to be, I would bust them. The old women who pushed the cart, I would buy her soup or whatever and let her eat. We have so many in this country to help. If you see someone needing and deserving. Simple. Do what you can do. If it is a can of soup, hot dog whaterer. Well got a call. Love CactusLil'

  2. froggy

    froggy New Member

    You have my prayers! Are they sure it's carcinoma? what stage is it? why don't they deadin the outer area? Been their lady and it's no fun- my heart goes out to you, E me please with the details.

    Peace & Love Jan
  3. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Lil as always, special prayer for that procedure, you are one brave lady.

    As for those who need food on the streets, my husband and I never pass them up Lil, we always give whatever we can.

    Last time, we were at Cracker Barrel, a man was in front of the restaurant asking for money for food, we took him with us and had our supper with him. We also gave him money for a place to sleep afterwards.

    Who knows? we may be entertaining Angels unawares. God bless your very kind and loving heart Lil.

    You know my prayers are with you.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    I will continue to Pray for you, and also your family.
    You are a Brave Person I know, and I Know you will come through this as you have in the past. We know that the trials of life, are only temporary, so they say, at the time though it seems that Trials will never end.

    Thank the Lord we do have His Hand to hold on to and to Guide us, Prayers going up on your behalf right now.

    God Bless You,
  5. deecrossett

    deecrossett New Member

    Please accept my prayers for a pain free surgery and for your Doctors common sense. You are one of God's special children and I am pleased to be praying for you. Blessings, Deena
  6. Harmony

    Harmony New Member

    Hi 'Lil,
    I had no idea you were going through these extra health problems! My prayers will be said for you.

    I like the title of your post. It really got me thinking and you covered it all. Yes, wisdom is what I would choose.
    We need God's wisdom to know how He would have us live our life. This covers every aspect of our life, our health, our finances, relationships, helping others, and the list goes on. It's the Godly wisdom that comes from the Lord as it says in the book of James, not a head knowledge. I don't have earthly material wealth, and my health is not the greatest, but you now, with the Lord, I have everything I need.

    Take care, 'Lil, and let us know how your surgery goes.


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