healthcare workers--smallpox vaccine?

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    hi all, hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I'm wondering about your thoughts on the smallpox vaccine--got my letter of "encouragement" from the CDC and I am very leary of this. we all seemed to have alot in common on a prior post regarding the hepB vaccine, what are all of you who are working doing about this? I am in the age group that was vaccinated as a child, but afraid with the fibro now to allow any more "strangers" into my body--it seems to rebel enough! It was very recommended by a doc at work, whose opinion i really respect, but i have come to respect all of you guys' opinions more! Take care--laurie
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    Good Point. Our State, Homeland Security Council, sent us a similar letter. I am going to pass, however. I recently took a course on how to treat Weapons of Chemical Warfare. It was brief, not a lot of info and basically instilled a much needed wake up call to us all, of the possibility of this threat. Basically it was said, that it wasn't an, IF, it happens, but WHEN it happens. The Charge Instructor stated it would happen within a year and a half. Showed us horrible pictures. Told us to to not cross infect, etc. etc...

    I will be frank in my distaste for the CDC almost as much as the FDA. But it really is very individual. If you think you are at risk, really weigh the pros and cons. I still am!

    I admit healthcare workers need the Hep B vaccine and maybe the flu shot for some of us, but smallpox and Anthrax wow. Is this the begining of the end. Or the End of the begining?

    God Please Help Us! No Joke, this is serious business.

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    take it. I just have too many autoimmune problems and it doesn't "feel" right for me at this time. I'll take my chances.
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    and so I am curious. Were these notices sent to
    just anyone or health care workers? I do know
    that if there is an outbreak the new laws allow
    them to force us to take them. Is there a plan
    NOW to give the shots to the public?
    Hugs, Bambi