Healthworkers - please add your story as soon as possible...

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    Please add your story to the thread entitled 'POLL - how many of you are/were Healthworkers?' and not to this one...this is just a reminder.

    I would like to send this poll out on Thursday, to give the recipients time to do something about it (ie, bother to by our big day (May 12th).

    So if you are/were a healthworker and have not added your story to that is the time to do so.

    Very many thanks to everyone who has posted on this - it started out as a general query that grew and grew and grew!

    I am currently compiling addresses to email it to, ranging from the Prime Minister to daytime chat shows in the UK to lots of addys in the National Health Service.

    It will be interesting to see what feedback (if any) we get. I will keep you posted.

    Very many thanks,
    Mary x
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