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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by delphine60, Jun 3, 2003.

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    Awhile a go I posted a message about how I was dizzy and falling down all the time. My life basically sucked and I had to leave school because of it, then I talked to my doctor and we came up with a theory. We noticed that everytime I had come into the office feeling really bad, with high fevers and dizzy for no reason and very tired, which they called chronic fatigue syndrome, I had very low blood pressure.
    Now low blood pressure is actually a very good thing, but we wondered if since I have naturally low blood pressure, that when it drops if that affected me in ways I could moniter. Well it turned out that when my bp dropped suddenly that I got all the symptomes I've been dealing with for 18 years. I noticed that when I ate protien that my bp went back to normal for me and the symptomes were gone. Well since then I've been eating protien spread throughout the day and I havent felt bad or had a single symptom, and thats been about 9 months now.
    I don't know f this will help anyone else but I think it's worth a try. So if you want to try, I wish you luck and I hope that it works for you.

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    That is wonderful.
    I have been on high protein diets, lost a lot of weight but never felt any better.
    Hopefully someone on this board will see it and recognize their own symptoms and feel great soon.
    Continued success to you !
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    I have heard from my cousin who also has FMS/CFS and is a nurse, that low blood pressure can definatly contribute to the "attacks". Hopefully your theory can work for others! Congrats!!

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    I wonder if high protein diets also help people with FMS because of hypoglycemia, gluten intolerance, food allergies, more whole foods, etc.

    I noticed I have a lot more fresh veggies in my fridge than I did pre-Atkins, and little or no processed foods.