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    Healthy foods, what is your favorite recipes 01/24/08 05:46 PM

    I am looking for some change in my foods. I try to stay a way from food heavy in wheat, dairy and soy.

    One of mine is sweet potato, a little butter, sugar and cinnamon. So good and very healthy!

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    Hi/I've been told over and over 01/24/08 05:52 PM

    not to post things unrelated to FM/CFS on this board. Lots of this stuff is posted in chitchat. You'll get some good inputs from over there. I stay away from SOY also.


    Thanks for the post! 01/24/08 06:01 PM

    I think eating healthy has a major impact on our health.

    I have little if any pain the next day after I eat fish, pineapples or blueberries. I really need to find new and creative ways to eat my vegetable!

    Eating whole foods has such a major impact on how I feel.


    Hi Place, 01/25/08 02:50 PM

    I just made my second batch of cole slaw that is really helping my digestion. You can add more or less of any ingredients to it. It's a nice alternative to salad and in my case I've started making it because i can no longer digest salads easily.

    I steam all of the veggies in this recipe for about 10 min. because that helps me digest them too. But I eat the coleslaw cold once it's been in the fridge. Last time I used a green cabbage and this time I used a red one and I like both and that gives me more variety. Here's the recipe:,1625,144181-241194,00.html

    I season it with salt and pepper and I don't use their measurements, I use one head of cabbage, about 5 skinny carrots, 2 bell peppers and a head of celery, and I make enough dressing to suit my needs.


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    Favorite healthy recipe 01/25/08 06:27 PM

    I'm totally addicted to a salad dressing I make from scratch. Karen gave me the recipe last year.

    I've gotten into eating a wide variety of greens, like chard, dandelion, radish greens, beet greens, etc.

    1 c ground raw seeds (pumpkin, sesame,sunflower,hemp)
    1/4 - 1/2 c EVOO
    1/4 - 1/2 c Grapeseed oil
    2-3 cloves raw pressed garlic
    1/2 fresh lemon (juice)
    1" raw ginger root (cut finely)
    Salt to taste

    Good idea for a thread. Marcia


    xchocoholic 01/25/08 06:32 PM

    Good idea. Do you eat the greens raw with the dressing? Or do you steam them first?

    I met someone in a health food store while we were away and she told me to use my blender to juice. She said it works great and easier than the juicer.

    I have not tried it yet, but she puts in greens plus an apple or something to take out the bitterness.


    salad greens 01/26/08 05:37 PM

    I eat most of my foods organic, fresh, raw and in their whole form. This way I get all the nutrients and enzymes from them. The fiber from these is good for you, so you might not want to juice too often.

    I was surprised to read how much more nutrient dense greens like radish, kale, chard, parsley, etc are than romain lettuce.

    It certainly keeps my salads interesting.

    BTW, Be careful with the sesame seeds. I'm pretty sure I read, but can't find it right now, that these can cause a Herpes flare. Taking Lysine will help counteract it though.



    what's wrong with soy? 01/28/08 10:48 AM


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    encourage's thyroid problems.


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