Healthy gut summit starting monday feb. 9-16

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  1. ljimbo42

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    There will be 32 different interviews of doctor's and other specialist's in gut health from february 9-16.

    Leo Galland, MD, will be interviewed, as well as Brenda Watson, Liz Lipski (She wrote the book "Digestive wellness"), Jacob Teitelbaum (A leader in CFS/FM treatment), Allison Siebecker (A naturopath and expert in SIBO), Mark Hyman,MD and many more.

    You don't have to worry about watching the interviews live. They will send an email after each set of interviews are done with a link to watch them free for 24-48 hours. You have to register though to get the link to watch them after they are over.

    Here is a link to register for the summit, and it's free.
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    That's great - thank you so much for sharing this Jim!
  3. ljimbo42

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    Hi Alyssa-admin- Glad to help. Treating my gut has and is helping me tremendously! I hope others will check out these interviews. The price is right, it's free, and all you need to give for info. is your first name and email address!
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    I encourage everyone to sign up and watch as much of this week's presentations as possible at your leisure.

    Today's (Monday) 4 talks were awesome. I especially enjoyed Dr Galland's amazing presentation called "Gut, Brain, Bugs and Parasites", but all 4 talks were great and provided very helpful info.

    These are functional medicine practitioners who are focused on finding the root causes of symptom/illness and addressing them in order to recover. This is very important and differs greatly from the conventional medicine approach of covering up symptoms with meds.

    It looks like today's talks are available for free for 48 hours (which started at 10 am eastern time on Monday, Feb 9.

    It would cost thousands of dollars to have consults with these practitioners, so take advantage of this free opportunity!!
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  5. Mikie

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    Thanks for the heads up. So much of our health starts in the gut. I've taken ProHealth's Pro-Doliphilus probiotics for years to improve my own gut health.

    Love, Mikie
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