Healthy Immune System????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by T-BO, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. T-BO

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    For those who don’t know I have been suffering from CFS
    for a little over 14 months now. I have had 3 colds/ flu’s
    (including onset) since I have gotten sick.

    Flu # 1 was at the beginning of January 2002 and was the onset of CFS
    which took 2 weeks to get rid of.

    Flu # 2 was 1 month later (beginning of Feb.) and lasted 1 and
    a half weeks. It was a bit more severe (fever of 103 F).

    Cold # 3 was at the beginning of January 2003 and was nothing
    more than a sore throat, runny nose, and sneezing. Nothing too
    major and it only lasted about 8 or 9 days.

    Also, I tried amantadine 100mg capsules once a day for 1 week, then
    Upped it to twice daily for a second week, with no improvement whatsoever.

    Taking into account that I had no problem conquering colds/ flu’s( knock
    on wood) and amantadine did not help, wouldn’t it seem that I have a fairly healthy/ strong immune system, despite the fact that I have CFS (fatigue, fog, poor concentration).

    Please post you opinions. I would greatly appreciate it!!!

    Thanx People!

  2. PatPalmer

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    A mild cold to some is usually full blown flu to those with CFS.

    You must be eating right and taking supplements ?

    I also imagine the Amantadine worked because it has antiviral benefits and is used to prevent infection of the influenza A2 virus, used for shingles too.

    If you could go back in time and not have taken it, be interesting to see if you would have been worse !

    Maybe you are on the road to eventual recovery with the decreasing symptoms, I really hope so.

  3. T-BO

    T-BO New Member

    Hey, that's some great insight Pat!!
    You sure know how to boost a guy up!!!

    Thanx alot!