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    I was reading on the cdc website and it says that people with cfs don't have the energy to prepare healthy meals.
    It is important for people with cfs to eat a healthy diet.
    A caregiver can help with grocery shopping and preparing healthy meals.
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    yes it is very hard to prepare healthy meals but i found that i could no longer stand or have the energy or strength to cut a vegetable let alone get the shopping in and with the disbelief i got from friends and family i couldn.t get anyone to help

    this made life very problematic and i couldn't get any help this was very depressing and i was very clumsy too so i knocked everything over and when i did try to cook i would burn things forget i had put anything i the oven and was a danger to myself

    i used to think that when i could get food in i did eat a healthy diet but when i realised that wheat and dairy were making me ill and then eggs and wine when the urine test came out i realised that you do need to eat different types of food and mostly it needs to be untouched by chemicals or additives and metals in the case of some fish etc

    food can be very clever with onions garlic family helping fight infections. ginger is a good booster, and a good homemade vegetable soup with garlic and ginger and garlic with chillies seems a pure tonic for me.

    so i agree that food is very important but its not always easy to get a carer to understand your needs. one friend used to get me food in but i used to cry after he went because i couldn.t stand or have the strength to cook it and still be hungry

    so although it is sound advise it is not always softer easy to get the help that you need. its a good friend that will look after you and do all those chores especially when it is long term. some friends will help for a few months or weeks or even days but there is a tremendous guilt that comes with being so helpless and having to ask for so much help

    it also leaves ME patients vulnerable to abuse vulnerable people are targets for some and especially with the confused brain fogged patient.

    things like little ovens with timers so they switch off are helpful but only for simple meals. i found i couldn.t remember recipes or deal with the multitasking that you need for cooking

    i used to go stay with friends who would do everything for me and i would get so much better then but would have to go home and get worse again as friends were not able to care for me all the time

    this is an important issue for the severe patients especially and needs to be addressed i agree

    thanks for posting and giving me a chance to talk about this and perhaps vent a little ;-)