Heapsreal - your sleep regimen??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bunchy, May 23, 2011.

  1. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    Hi Heapsreal,

    I've seen your posts about sleep and the meds you rotate.

    May I ask what amounts of each med you take and when you take each med in, for example, a week long period?

    Hope you don't mind my asking...

    Bunchy x
  2. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    Firstly i will say my sleep is never perfect and i do go through some bad batches where nothing really helps, and my meds i use have changed over the years so maybe different to some of my old posts. Sleep meds have definately helped me and think i would be at alot lower function without them. insomnia is one of my worst symptoms. But here go's for a typical regime.

    Every night i use either 150mg lyrica or 300mg of neurontin, currently neurontin as its cheaper, its not as good for sleep but helps with legs pains i get at night, so its mainly for pain but secondly for sleep.

    Next i have been using 30mg of baclofen every night as its suppose to help improve deep sleep quality, which i have found helpful, on its own though isnt strong enough. I also use melatonin 5mg sublingual most nights.

    So the above help improve sleep quality i guess but need a benzo to get me to sleep. So i may use zopiclone 2 x 7.5mg tabs one night, the next night i may use 10mg of valium and i sort of rotate between these for a few nights and then days where i can sleep in and or dont need to work or just getting really crappy sleep, i will use 50mg of seroquel which is good for 8 hours plus of solid sleep most of the time.

    So it looks like this neurontin 300mg, baclofen 30mg and zopiclone 15mg. The next night zopi is replaced with 10mg valium. Then on a saturday night theres no benzo's but will use the seroquel 50mg for that sunday morning sleep in. Sometimes instead of a valium script i will get a script for mogadon and stilnox/zolpidem instead of zopiclone. This i have found helps reduce med tolerance and keep my doses in the sane level. Ocassionally i may swop something for one of the sedating antidepressants if im going through a stage where nothing is working or an antihistamine. I have seen some people just use the one sleep med and keep raising the dose and eventually get to the rediculous level and even that stops working for them.

    I have had some success although hit and miss with taking supplements, tryptophan 3000-4000mg helps with serotonin and melatonin for sleep, phosphatidyleserine 100mg to help lower night time cortisol levels, and withania a relaxing herb thats good for adrenal fatigue. This helps me sleep when im just knackered but not tired and wired. I do keep using the neurontin when using the supps. Im starting to use the supps more, especially when i dont need to work the next day and a crappy nights sleep isnt going to be too much of a drama.

    Also a few years ago i did do a sleep study, i didnt sleep much but what sleep i had showed no sleep apnea and just no stage 4 deep sleep.

  3. Bunchy

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    That's interesting - how long have you been doing this - how many years?

    Also how did your get your doc to give you such a variety of meds?


    Bunchy x
  4. heapsreal

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    Ive had cfs for 9 years so its been a work in progress. My doctor understands cfs well and i explain to him how i use them. As for variety its only 2 sleep meds zopiclone and valium. the other meds are pain med neurontin and baclofen which is a muscle relaxer but they all benefit sleep. My doc wouldnt give me a script for 4 or 5 different benzo's at once but on different appointments a couple of months apart i may ask for different med like zolpidem instead of zopiclone. Plus my dosages are quite low considering how long i have been on them and i guess my doc knows im not abusing them. Also i have been a shift worker for over 20 years so the combo of cfs and shift work is a pretty good indicator of crap sleep problems and i suppose good justification for sleep meds. If not i wouldnt sleep and end up in the loonie bin i guess, lol. Also in the cfs book 'from fatigue to fantastic' its mentioned about using sleep meds in a similar way to this and my doc has this book on his self above his desk, so i guess he has read it. By the way the book is a good guide to treating cfs although u can see the shonky sales tactics in selling his(dr who wrote the book) brand of supplements.


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