heard from "chief"admi. law judge today..

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    To all that know about this I wrote a complaint into the chief adm. law judge with social security disability. I got a letter today. YAHOOO!!!! He is doing an extensive review of my whole case from 2000 and stated that from how well written the letter was with what needed to be reviewed of my Disability and how unfair the things went with me my hearing it may take a while bit he will get to the bottom of it all. I also spoke with my attorney who was very pleased with the letter so hopefully the entire claim will be reversed from "2000". PLEASE cross your fingers and pray for me.. please...
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    I do hope you are successful. It took me a total of six years.....and most of that was my fault for representing myself! Best of luck, Lil'
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    I am very happy with the letter I received and was getting very nervous that I would not hear anything back about the complaint that I had sent in. It was may 20th that it was sent so just getting it yesterday I was beginning to wonder. And him stating that due to the "direct nature of your alligations, however, such review may involve a considerable period of investigation. Upon completion of this review however I will be provided with a response."

    I had written this complaint due to the fact that I was denied Disability although three of four of their Doctors reviewing my claim claimed total disability and their voc rehab lady stated there was nothing in the work force for me with all my problems. I went through and read over and over my denial and began writing my letter with all facts on everything he denied me. there was medical documentation to prove he was wrong. And I stated that his opinion should not out weigh medical evidence. he stated at one point that he didn't believe something and my statement about that was if he was so doubtful "WHY" was I not sent to a SS Disability MD Doctor rather then he denying me all together. rather then using his own opinion, he is not a medical doctor but a judge. So, My fingers are crossed and i am praying this all works out. In my closing of the letter I stated that the Disability Doctor who stated he felt a proper diagnosis had not been made and it was indeed progressive, was right. That at this point in time I am starting tests to determine whether I have along with everything else multiple sclerosis.

    This Judge had gotten in trouble not too long after my hearing my attorney had heard too due to unfair judgement of a claim, so i had to do this I felt. I can almost bet that this is why the examiner who has my new claim now was so rattled when she contacted me recently. I will just keep on this until my family and I have help. That is all we can do right.
    Thanks and take care.
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    I will pray for you and your case..
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    Congrads on your letter, best wishes in getting what is due to you! It is nice to know that someone is being taken seriously..sending up prayers for you!

    With much love,
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    That's impressive for a healthy person, but a huge accomplishment considering the way this illness effects our brains!! Maybe we can all beat brainfog!
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    I'm happy for you. It does take peseverance. Is it possible to print your letter in an attempt to help others? If you don't want to, I understand. I wish you the best.
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    All that i did with my letter was wrote the facts. One example was that in the hearing the judge asked what there was for me in the work force. The voc. specialist stated two possible jobs, telemarketing and something else all sitting on the phone jobs. My Attorney cross examined and said now put all her disabilities into this, what can she do with urge and irritible bladder problems leaving her to use the restroom every 10 to 15 minutes. Her reply was there is nothing in the work force with her disabilities all being put into play. So when i wrote my letter i just explained that he was unfair and did not use all the info he had in my case to determine my disability. he threw out things he should not have this being one. And the fact that the three out of four doctors he asked to review my file and yet he chose to not use any of there expert opinions on this. I just read everything he wrote until it really sunk in for me and then just fought for the facts on it when I wrote in the complaint.

    I would put it on but I have no idea how to do that. If you need help with something though i can try to be of assistance to you okay.
    Take care.
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    Thanks for the info, and I will pray for you. It's just so sad that any of us have to go through the torment when applying for SSD. Why do we feel so guilty?! God Bless!