Heard from Pain Management Center today....

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  1. LadyDragon

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    I was told "We don't deal with patients with fibromyalgia". I have had the worst 3 weeks I ever remember, have had to stay home from work, and am doing very, very little at home... mostly due to major PAIN. Would like some help... my primary doc. put me on hydrocodone 7.5's... have been eating them like candy, and they only work for about 2 hours... He's going to be really mad if I turn up at his office again... Now what do I do??? This is so depressing.
  2. LadyDragon

    LadyDragon New Member

    I was told "We don't deal with patients with fibromyalgia". I have had the worst 3 weeks I ever remember, have had to stay home from work, and am doing very, very little at home... mostly due to major PAIN. Would like some help... my primary doc. put me on hydrocodone 7.5's... have been eating them like candy, and they only work for about 2 hours... He's going to be really mad if I turn up at his office again... Now what do I do??? This is so depressing.
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    If your PCP is going to really be mad at you showing up at his door, you are wasting your time there. Your PCP should be your advocate, and his/her desire should be to help you solve your problems, not be angry at you for bringing them to his/her attention. Kick this guy to the curb. I am so sorry you are having such a bad time now. Please find someone who will help.
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    I am so sorry you had such negative results at your pain clinic today. It is so hard to find a doctor that is educated and know how to treat fibro. I have looked up hydrocodone and cannot get any info on it. Is it a pain reliever? You need to call your doctor and tell him what happened at the pain management clinic and also that the medication he has you on is not helping. If he/she is a good doctor he will listen to you and change your meds. If he/she doesn't do that, I would seek out another doctor. I am sorry I couldn't be of more help. If it is too much emotionally for you to call him, you said your hubby is very supportive....ask him to call. You definitely need more help. I will say a prayer for you. Hugz and blessings, Jenn
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    I can't believe the pain center turned you away. If they help people with chronic pain, you should be there. Better yet, try finding any pain clinics that deal with fms. How long ago were you diagnosed with fibromyaglia? I'm going through the same thing right now. I'm 31 with 2 young children and have had fm for about 9 years, of which it took them 8 years to figure out what was wrong with me. I am bacially on no medications, just tylenol #2 and my own doctor didn't even give me them. My dentist gave them to me last year when I had my wisdom teeth removed. I am so desperate for help. My doctor is currently working on a referral to a fm specialist. God knows how long that will take. My husband is very supportive, but lately I don't know how much he can take. My pain has been so bad, I lash out anyone near and dear to me. What symptoms do you suffer with? I wish you all the best and hope some help is around the corner. Talk to you soon.

    Gentle hugs
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    I have suffered from fibro for about 6 years, and was diagnosed last year... after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I am calling my pcp on Monday, but don't expect much... Am so down... don't understand why its so hard for anyone to believe this much pain exists. The severe pain started about 3 weeks ago, when the weather changed. If this is what winter is going to be like, think I won't make it until summer. Sorry to be so depressing, but its how I'm beginning to feel.
  7. tes

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    I know how depressing it can get. I think I'm getting there. Where is your pain? Do you have it constantly?

    take care,
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    Either you or hubby should at least phone the doctor and tell him what is going on. I believe that hydrocodone is a synthetic codeine product. I know I got deathly ill when I took one, and I am allergic to codeine. if the doctor is not receptive, you should probably go to either the ER or an outpatient clinic and let them know what is going on. First though, you should give your doctor a chance. He can't fix what he doesn't know is broken. If you don't say something, he will assume that all is working well. Now go take a hot bath and loosen up those muscles. Hope you feel better soon.
  9. karen2002

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    I feel so bad for you lady dragon...I know exactly how you feel. It is terrible not to get relief from pain, and to feel like you don't have an advocate--from the very people who are suppose to care. I was in horrible pain for months and months, and went to one doctor after another, only to be left each time more frustrated, and deeper in debt. It is physically and emotionally exhausting. Each one of the chairs in all of the waiting rooms, seemed like torture devices out of a dungeon. Finally upon being ushered back to an exam room, I was introduced to another disbelieving soul that just wanted to be rid of me, passing me off on another specialist. I went back to my PCP for the umpteenth time, and pleaded with him to help me, to no avail. It got so bad, I just gave up--why subject myself to this costly indifference and humiliation.
    Thank goodness, I finally got mad, weeks later. I vowed there was someone on this planet, who would, and could help me. I began looking for the right Doctor this time. I asked many questions to receptionists before I ever scheduled an appointment. I asked how many fms/cfs patients did they see. What type of pain medications would the doctor prescribe. I was not going to waste any more time and money. I wanted someone who would address my pain, and give me some relief. I am so happy to report, I did find an excellent Doctor. I have not felt this good in 6 months. He is genuinely concerned about my well being. he uses conventional meds as well as alternative. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Here is the conclusion I have come to--There are so many Doctors that want a five to ten minute patient, who is not a lot of work--simplicity is the key, to them. Then there are a few, who are challenged by our high maintenance affirmities, they are compassionate, and really want to make a difference, willing to go the distance with you. It just takes some weeding out to find them. I hope come Monday, your PCP can offer you some relief. If not--keep searching for the one who can.
    Hoping your weekend gets better--
    Best Wishes,
  10. this2shallpass

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    I went through the same thing with the first pain clinic my doc referred me too. I was fuming!! My doc, who is WONDERFUL, the first doc I have found in 5 years of searching who listening and actually said "You have fibromyalgia and CFS" I can't tell you what those words sounded like.
    Anyway, she finally got me into another. They are great, although we are going through different meds to try and find the correct one. I will continue to take hydrocodone for break through pain. We tried MS-Contin first (time released morphine). Did nothing for me! So now we are on methadone, which I had no idea was given for pain, but come to find out it's the most powerful narcotic given for pain pretty much without the side effects!! WOW!
    If this doesn't work, our next option will probably be oxycontin, which I know alot of people with fibro who have a new life because of oxycontin. I know we have all heard the horror stories, but those are from drug addicts! Not people in legitimate chronic pain who will be so grateful for relief, the would never abuse them Atleast I wouldn't.
    Lady, I wish you all the best and you are in my prayers. I'll let you know how I do on this methadone.
    Peace and Love,
  11. nancyneptune

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    Lady, Stupid pain clinic. What do they do hand out aspirin for headaches? Sounds like a rinky dink place. There has to be better ones. Hydrocodone is generic Flexeril. It works much better than Ultram for me. It knocks me out tho so I only use it when i truly can't stand it anymore.
  12. this2shallpass

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    Just from my years of using hydrocodone and flexeril, I just wanted to straighten out the confusion. Hydrocodone is generic for Vicodin, Lortab, Lorcet, Norco (which are narcotic analgesics).
    Cyclobenzaprine is generic for Flexeril (which is a skeletal muscle relaxer).
    Lord knows I have taken them long enough to know. Flexeril has been a godsend for me. Hydros too.
    Hope to "see" you again.
    You now sleeping like me? Or did you just get up? I hope you just got up. I'll have a rough day at work today:(
    Take care
  13. rbtheidmanhabs

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    Hey LadyDragon!
    My suggestion is that you get another doctor and see a RHEUMATOLOGIST.They are specialist in this field and will be able to guide you.
  14. LadyDragon

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    To answer all, have been to 3 doctors, one a rheumy, and have tried many herbs, supplements, etc. Was given Flexeril (sp.) by a friend, and it made my ears ring. Have also taken several Soma, and they helped a great deal. People have been really nice to me, but I know my doc. gets frustrated. He really tries, but I think he is scared to give strong pain meds. I actually slept 6 hours last night, and don't have to move today (SATURDAY!!!), so at least I'll make it to Monday.
    By the way, they laughed me out of the rheumy clinic, told me to come back when I had a real problem.
  15. LilSis

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    Thank you for clarifying the drugs. I, too have been on them many years and was so surprised that no one caught it sooner. Sounds like those are the people I should envy, cause if they don't know about them, the must not rely on them to function, oh to be drug free!!
    I am also interested in hearing about your methadone treatment. I had been on OC's, 80 mgs 2x'x/day with Vicodin for break thru and 3 different muscle relaxers since last Sept. and was doing ok. (I also have rheumatiod arthritis, chrones and mayofascial pain syndrome) Then, my Ins. co. decided that because of the 2-3% of junkies out there abusing, that I had not meet the proper protocall (sp?) and I had to try at least 2 more drugs, if not 3. Well, I had already tried the Duragestic Patch (skin would not tolerate the adhesive) so he asked me if I wanted to try MS-contin, (which by the way is manufactured by the same stupid co. that produces OC). The original dosage didn't wasn't very effective. I was breaking thru in only 90-120 minuts. In a bad way! So, last week he bumped me to 100 mgs of MS, 3x's/day. It is doing some better, but I still am not really impressed with it's performance, now breaking thru in about 3 hours. So... he told me the next thing will be methadone. Until I became famililar with time released meds, I did not realize that Meth was used for chronic pain either. I always related it w/heroine addicts.
    Well, got to try to get some work done, came into my office this am b/c I felt so bad this past week, I was a real slacker! Had to take a break & this is my favorite break, to actually feel normal b/c of everyone's ability to relate.
    Have a blessed & peaceful weekend.
    Oh yeah, sorry I wrote this monolog, didn't realize it til' I started proofing. AND... WELCOME LADY DRAGON!!
    xoxo's - LilSis
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  16. JP

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    I am so sorry to hear about your pain condition. I know this too well. I am very fortunate to have a doctor that knows me well and also clearly knows the distinction between dependence and addiction. I manage my pain in so many ways. Medication is just one of them. I take 1 extra strength vicodin at each meal. There are many times a day when I feel like I could use more or something stronger. a I don't want to increase enough to work on other modalities of pain management, every day. Without the medication, my quality of living would be reduced even further. I am not big on medication and yet I know the importance of managing pain. It took me many years to succumb to this type of management. My family doctor also has all of my MRI reports, labs, and more. I am fortunate to have health insurance to be able to investigate my health and discover why I have pain. This assures my mind that I am not crazy. I guess what I am saying is that I never need to request pain medication for FM...Just my back is enough for meds and disability. I do not experience the resistance, stigma and rejection that so many face when asking for help with FM. I have had chronic back pain and widespread pain since childhood...24/7 style.

    I wish I were able to find you a doctor who would partner you in your health care. I am sending you good thoughts for your appointment. Who knows, maybe your doctor will do some reading over the weekend and have some kind of opening regarding pain management.

    Wishing you the best,