Heard from SS -- should I be hopeful or concerned?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Seagull, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. Seagull

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    I am in Texas and submitted my original app for SSD to the local SSA office here in town. Today I received in the mail new forms from the Texas Rehab Commission Disability Determination Services in Austin. The cover letter tells me that the SSA office has forwarded my disability claim to this other agency for medical development and decision. The letter was dated 12/23/02; the envelope postmark is 12/30/02; the letter says I have to respond within 15 days, but does not specify from which date. Does it matter?

    The forms they enclosed have several sections each. One form is the Daily Activity Questionnaire with 8 questions, some of which have several details to be completed. The second form is the Pain Report - Adult, which has 5 sections. Sec 1 is just my personal ID info; Sec 2 - 4 are labeled "first pain", "second pain", and "third pain". Sec 5 is labeled "remarks". The last form is the Work History Report, which has 8 pages covering 3 very detailed sections.

    Some of the info requested appears to be repetitious from the first batch of paperwork I sent in to the SSA. Is that possible or are they laying a trap? (One reason I am concerned about this particular agency handling the case is because here in Texas the doctors are told to send workers back to duty even though they may be in pain and not fully recovered from injuries.)

    Glancing over everything quickly, I think I will be able to meet the 15-day deadline if they count it from their postmark date. I am not so sure I can do it if the 15 days is from the letter's date. I plan to call the Examiner to ask.

    Is there anyone here who is also from Texas and has dealt with this agency, who can tell me what to watch for or how to specify details in my answers? I am really confused by their labeling each pain as a number, as though one pain is more prominent than another. In my case that is not the way it is for at least 3 of the pains. And, what if I have more than 3 pains - do I just add more pages and label each with numbers?

    Anyway, that is about the jist of it all -- thank you for all feedback. :)
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    Seagull don't go it alone, call a Lawyer who does ss disibilities and has knowledge of Fibromyalgia and CFS. I have had fm for 25 years and saw many problems with ss application for FM and CFS GET A LAWYER, Good Luck.
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    I can tell you its from the date on the letter, so you better hustle!!
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    Cant advise you one most of your questions but do know if you have more pains than they make room for just keep writing one the back, add a paper or whatever. Dont leave anything out. You want to document without whining. For instance if you have a pain in your foot that comes and goes. State that you can stand for 15 minutes and then have to sit and raise foot because the pain starts.
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    Yeah, first thing I need to do is call for an extension I think. If the letter date is the beginning of the 15-day deadline, I'll never make it.

    Thanks to the one who mentioned the advice on this site about filling out these forms -- I had forgotten those helpful articles were there and will look them up now. And, yes, I am listing every single symptom I can remember having, because I don't know when or if I will have that symptom again.

    I would love to get a lawyer to continue this, but thought I should wait until I have a definite response before calling one?
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    I did call the caseworker named in the letter and he said that another couple of weeks would be okay and if I needed more time than that to call him before the 17th and there should be no problem. So, that much is set - now I can concentrate (ummm - that's sorta like "focus", right? LOL) on the answers to all those sections. :)
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    Hi seagull, I'm from Conroe, TX. I filed my application in November 2002 and I have not heard one word since filing. When did you turn in your application? I had heard that they send these packets out, and I heard that they can send you to see their doctor too, but I have not received anything in the mail at all since filing. Should I be concerned? If I knew when you filed, then I could see how long it took to send you any paperwork. Since we are both in Texas, we will probably go through the same proceedure, but then again, maybe not. This message board is a great place to go for advice. We are all in the same situation and some have been down the path before us and can lead the way. Let me know when you filed if you don't mind.
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    I filed the app on Nov 29th, but, instead of mailing it I handcarried it to the local SSA office here in town (Arlington). Incredibly, I wasn't rejected right away -- they sent everything to the TX Rehab Commission for the actual determination processing. That is the next bunch of paperwork I am trying to complete. I thought about finding a lawyer but there are not any that I have spoken to here who have good track records with the SSA on disability for FMS/CMP, so am on my own for now.