Heard from unemployment.Need med.release.??about working and SSD

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    First I just want to say thanks to all who have responded about this and tried to help me. I got papers from them on Fri.30th. Told me I had to have the DR fill them out and fax by Wed. 5th. Didn't leave me much time to get in but was lucky they let me in on Wed. She filled them out and wrote -suggest filing for SSD. Put down that she doesn't release me to work right now. I told her I was thinking about filing now since the job I was fired from was fulltime and I've seen on here that they'll go by what you last worked.

    Then she told me that she didn't think I had enough now to qualify for SSD and that it will be hard for me to get it. I told her I had learned alot about it and wasn't sure yet. I didn't want to get into a big discussion with her then cause she would have charged me for the visit. So now I don't know if I should file now since she thinks I don't have enough yet.

    Anyway the man from unemployment called me Th. and was really nice about it. He said my boss had said I was fired for misconduct,not changing a bed linen. I knew that she would. He wanted to know my side of it. I told him and also told him I had an RN and coworkers that was willing to sign statements on my behalf. He sounded like he believed me. The more we talked he kept saying they would be making the decision that afternoon and one time he said something,can't remember,then he said"do you get my drift".He also said the word approve but I'm not positive. Then he ask me if there was any kind of work I thought I could do since I can't do CNA work anymore. Told him I could probably do some private care work if it didn't involve lifting. Told me to get the Dr to sign a release form stating she releases me to do that and get it to him immediately and that will help me. So I'm thinking he's gonna approve me. I hope so. It sure will help for awhile if I do file for SSD.

    Do ya think I should go ahead and file since it's gonna take so long? If the Dr thinks I don't have enough should I talk to her more and have her put more in my file? If I find any private care,it's a small small town,I can always be paid cash. Any advice.

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    I remember your previous Post and based on your present
    situation, I'd go for whatever immediate financial help
    you can receive. The road to SSD is most often a long one
    and unless you have another source of income, can be a
    nightmare. Go for State unemployment or disability so you
    will have some income while you pursue a Federal claim.

    You may also have an unlawful termination case against
    your former employer. I believe Oklahoma is a "right to
    work State" and may be less sympathetic to you than your
    employer. Suggest that you get some free or inexpensive
    legal advice from you local Legal Aid Society. They may
    have some valuable advise to give as well as guidance!

    Kept us posted and good luck,
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    Just thought I'd bump it so some might see ?? about dr files.

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