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    Last week someone told me I might benefit from Infrared tx. I never heard of this tx before. Anyone on the board know anything about?

    All info will be appreciated.
  2. quanked

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  3. upnightowl

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    Hi quanked:

    My doctor told me to try a Infrared sauna, that it was known to help fibro patients. She wrote a script for it and my insurance did pay for most of it. It has helped quite a lot. When I can get down to it. We had to put it in our basement and there are times I just cannot make those steps up and down.

    Some gyms and spas have them and it would be nice if there was in your area you could use or try first. I just had to go on faith. It does help me, but each of us are very different in what works for us.

    The unit I have is a soft heat infrared sauna. You can google to get more info, and research for yourself. It is basically a small closet with window with electric infrared heaters. I have had mine about 7 years.

  4. quanked

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    the info. I will try to find one I can try out in town. How often and how long do you stay in the sauna?
  5. simonedb

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    is it like that place that has those mattresses with with the infrared in there that is supposed to be healing?
  6. simonedb

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    oops i misspelled it:


    i went there a couple times for the free bed laying (you pay for the massage bed) and the first time I felt good the 2nd time herxy. dr cheney recs sometimes the infrared for dental issues.

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