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    I was surfing the web and ran across a web site that really has bothered me all day.A dr Whitcomb clams to have found the cause of Fibo .The web site is very nice but I feel very misleading.I think we all know that the only thing that the reserchers claim about the "Cause" is only that there may be a connection to family members and our genes.The web site is stopfibro .Yes we all would like to .He does have a disclaimer on the web site but he also says He has discovered what causes it.I am concerned he will mislead someone and they will spend ALOT of money on something thinking this man knows what caused it and what fixes it.We all know that Nobody has discovered those things as of yet.Anyhow I'd like feed back about what he claims DO ANY OF YOU HAVE THIS PROBLEM HE TALKS ABOUT?I just do not think this even comes close to what has caused my CFS and Fibro.We need to discuse these kind of things on these boards because it maybe could help someone.I am open to the Idea that it affects different people differently.WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK?
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    Is that NO one knows what causes Fms..or what can cure it. Regardless of claims made...by anyone...there is no one magic pill at this point in time. I would love to think that there will be a day when reseachers will say "aha!"..but until that time..I look at the people like those who you mention as "snake oil peddlers". They are just trying to make a buck off people who are truly sick.
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    Well it is an interesting site....that is about all I have to say about it.

    I registered at this site...

    ..(this is free BTW you might want to do this so you can take a look around and make your own judgement)...

    ...this is the only way you can look at the information.

    Whitcomb's view is that FMS is due to spinal (Upper cervical spinal stenosis) injury.....well I have FMS but have never had a spinal injury.

    He never mentions the tender points....interesting.

    The treatment he does is some sort of chiropractic adjustment.

    The cost of his non-surgical treatment 200.00 initial exam, 62.50 per visit. Each 4-week period 2500.00 and the average length of treatment is 8-10 weeks...oh and massage is extra 75.00....LOL

    Lord where would we be with out chiropractors to fix everything...LOL


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