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    found it very interesting.
    This may already have been on this board but not real good at retrieving stuff from long past threads.

    I heard this morning on TBN that *Fungus* can cause all kinds of sickness in the body. Even death can occur from it and it forms in all parts of the body -
    and, has MANY symptoms.

    (((( hugs to all ))))
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    Hi, Psalmlady

    Yes, this is theory that is gaining prominence with many alternative health doctors. In fact, it relates to some other discussions now going on here about toxins, nutrient absorption and pH balance, and might explain some of the symptoms associated with chronic illness. Personally, I would like to know what aleopathic doctors think about the debate. But the theory is that chronic illness may create, or be created by, an anaerobic environment in the body in which fungi, bacteria and viruses thrive. The inability of the body to absorb nutrients and use oxygen efficiently may create this kind of environment, which tends to be acidic. The syndrome is exacerbated by diets high in refined carbohydrates, sugars and starches, because fungi, bacteria and viruses feed off sugar. As they overpopulate, they can endanger the ability of the good bacteria that can defeat them. It's important to remember this is a theory, but it fits nicely with recent findings that have been posted at this site. Detrimental to the credibility of this theory are some of the advertising campaigns being run by supplement manufacturers that make claims that a particular product can erradicate fungus, bacteria and viruses from the body. These things exist naturally in healthy bodies, but become a problem when the appropriate balance is upset.

    Dietary changes and supplementation are offered as potential solutions to the problem, although it sounds to me from reading other posts on this messageboard that breaking the cycle of malabsoption can be difficult.