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    Hi, I finally after 2 and half years received my hearing for july 10 was wondering what to expect and if anyone has ever had this judge R.E. Schum in Missouri. Any info would be great.. ....... thanks

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    Wow, 2.5 years. :( I'm sorry to hear that, but glad you finally have your hearing.

    I am in Missouri also, but have never heard of that judge. Of course, that doesn't mean anything and I've just entered the *system* in the last 8 months.

    Where at in MO are you? I'm wondering if there are any good docs close to me. I'm in NE.

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    Congrats on your hearing date. I an not from Missouri so I can't offer an advice there but wanted to congratulate you. I hope all goes well. Do you have a lawyer too? I'm still waiting for my date and it's now 3 years I have been out of work and 2 1/2 since I applied and 1 year since I got my lawyer. I'm waiting patiently.
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    sorry it has taken me so long to reply, but I have been feeling very bad. You know like the flu .......hard to get out of bed. But anyway yes I do have a laywer. But I live about 1 hour for st. louis. I live in Desloge, it is around Farmington. I was just wondering why I dont have to see their doctor. I have heard of some that had to do that.Please let me know if any of you had to see thier doctors. thanks patty
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    First was testimony as to the type of work I had previoously done by a Vocational expert. I was then asked what actually interferred with my ability to function on a daily basis. I was honest in that I am continually in pain, had memory issues at times and loss of dexterity in hands that caused me to be unable to do minor tasks on a daily basis. I also stated that I have to lie down for 2-3 hours during the day. I focused most on what had changed for me on a daily basis, such as meal preparation, not being able to use my hands efficiently (dropping things, etc). At that point, the Vocational expert stated that I could not perform any work, and the judge closed the hearing. I was told by my attorney that I should be getting an approval on disability based on the Vocational expert's statement. I will hear something in a few weeks, I am sure. The whole hearing lasted maybe 15 minutes. BTW I filed in March 2006 and had my hearing this week. Hope that helps you.
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    I hope that it goes that way for me.....we both sound alike so I dont know why it wouldnt...I use to do factory work all my life. and caledonia...I really like your bio, I just havent felt well enough yet to fill mine out..but did get some good info from yours, thanks..Will you keep me informed when you get your letter? And also I would like to know when the back pay starts and how long it takes to get it? thanks Patty
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