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  1. kayebee

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    My disability hearing is Jan. 3rd. I am to meet my laywer there 45 minutes before so we can talk. What are the chances of getting disability with an attorney? I filed with SS myself and of course was denied.

    I am so nervous!!! My husband and I desperately need this extra money. Any tips from anyone would be helpful and appreciated.

    thanks so much!!!
  2. ethel

    ethel New Member


    I went to court in June with a lawyer. This was my second time to court first time I went with a representative and second with a lawyer. All I can tell you is try to relax if you have a good lawyer and he has all your medical papers things should go well.

    I found out right in court that I won. My lawyer had all the papers in order and I think the judge and doctor and vocation expert read them before we entered. So judge didn't ask me much, he wanted to know what my worst disability was I told him fatigue I sleep all the time. Then I mentioned the pain can't stand long sit long etc.

    I will pray for you hopping you are as lucky as me and others who won in court.

  3. nancydr

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    Hi kayebee, My disability hearing with atty. was in October. We won, and we were prepared for the worst, but God took us through miraculously, and we were out in less than 15 minutes. Have faith in God, your husband, your attorney. We will be praying for you. Let me know. God Bless. Nancy
  4. paige51

    paige51 New Member

    my hearing is next month also. I will be represented by my attorneys associate instead of him due to another case he has the same day in another city. Is this a good sign or bad?

    I have waited so long and really needs to win my case. It has taken me over a year to get this hearing.

    I just feel nervous about it. please wish me luck.


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