Hearing with judge Mon., what's missing?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by zerped, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. zerped

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    I felt really good about my upcoming SSDI hearing until yesterday. I got some bad news over the weekend that means a delay (or worse) in a writing gig I'd REALLY like to get, and that triggered all kinds of anxiety over the hearing. The report on my psych evaluation is pretty clear-cut; I'm supposed to be so bad at handling stress and even normal interaction with people that any kind of work is out of the question (if I were as screwed-up as this shrink thinks I am, I wouldn't be emotionally equipped to be writing this!). I've got letters from my mother (I'm 51 and I live with Mom), my AA sponsor and one of my doctors, detailing how I don't socialize, cook, etc.

    All in all, it does a good job of painting a real bleak picture of me and my life at this point. Can anyone think of anything I can do in the next 5 days to help! Much, much thanks in advance.

  2. victoria

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    People seem to get disability actually easier for a mental health disorder - even if they're a quadriplegic -

    my DH was a psychologist for 20 years, everytime he wrote (and/or appeared at hearing) he was able to get his chronic pain and/or worker's comp patients on disability that they highly deserved...

    Also esp good are the letters! If it doesn't work, write letters to all your state and federal representatives - that can make a HUGE difference!

    good luck!

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