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  1. Sansofpa

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    I've been having strange issues with my head. My CT Brain Scan was normal and my spine doc said the multitude of spine issues I'm having isn't the cause, and 3 trips to the ENT (2 different ones) didn't pan out with a cause.

    My head feels very heavy and I feel very lightheaded frequently. I also
    have head pain; different from my headaches and migraines. Sometimes
    I really think I'm going to faint. I do not have a feeling of the room spinning.
    Walking has now become scarey.

    I took my pulse and it's usually between 65 and 78 for the past two days.

    My doctor is sending me to a Cardiologist to get a holter monitor on Tuesday.

    In addition to my head episodes, I have mottled skin on my forearms that looks like my veins are going in different directions, and swollen feet, ankles, legs and abdomen.

    Many areas of my body have their own pulses . . like heartbeats.
    Last night the pulsing in my left calf was driving me nuts and my Tinnitus pulsates more often, lately.

    The moons on my fingernails are gone except for my thumb nails.
    If I press down on the top of my nail tip, the moon area turns a reddish/
    purple color on every finger. I forgot to tell my doctor about this.

    My doctor's thought is Bradycardia. Is anyone familiar with this? If so,
    does anyone suffer from it and did it begin after your FMS diagnosis?

    It's so hard for me to believe that some things are related to FMS, but
    harder to believe that new issues I'm facing are just happening at the
    same time....what are they . . . fibro-incidences?

    Really looking for comments, advise, personal experiences, please,

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    Where do you have arthritis? I'm not in tune with arthritis . . so I'll need to
    research the difference between regular and OA. Maybe I have it, because
    my bones are seriously osteopenic(sp).

    I only have it in my back and my bloodwork for RA was negative.

    My doc actually thought, prior to my FMS diagnosis, that I had
    arthritis pretty much everywhere . . then he got smart . . LOL

    I too have verticle lines, but mine really are mild, not horrible.

    There is a new company that sells Grape Seed products including cooking
    oil and they swear by Grape Seed with testimonies from consumers. A
    gal at work showed me the catalog last week. She's now on vacation
    but when she gets back, I'm going to read more about these products.
    She said people taking or using these products have lowered their cholesterol.

    I'll check out your suggestion....thanks!

  3. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    I would have thought your hips ..... too
  4. mbofov

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    I don't know what's going on with you but am glad your doctor is sending you to a cardiologist - it really does sound like a circulation problem of some kind, which could cause dizziness etc. I looked up bradycardia and it said slow heartbeat, which does not sound like what you have (but I'm no cardiologist!)

    Keep us posted, and I hope you get some answers soon -

  5. Sansofpa

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    Hi Leah,

    In the past week I've had more bad days than good,
    so my computing was limited.

    I love your enthusiasm and concern . . gives me a reason to believe :)

    I need to comment on what you've written, but lucky me . . my son
    is back from vacation and is going to take me for groceries now.

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    I noticed my lightheadedness occurs frequently when I turn my head to the left, but my doctor refuses to believe it has anything at all to do with
    my cervical spine issues that showed up on my MRI, due to serious
    neck, shoulder, and lower back of head pain.

    I was just talking to a woman today, and turned my head to look
    at another lady, and had excruciating pain, then became lightheaded
    for at least two hours. She knew right away I was in pain, because
    my head involuntarily jerks.

    I had a tough time on Sunday with my head about an hour after I
    got home from grocery shopping . . My left eye was really blurry, too.

    I had my Holter Monitor put on this afternoon. I can't stand it.
    I'm literally freaking out! The tape actually hurts my skin and
    my skin itches, too. I just want to rip the things off. Before she
    put it on me, she cleaned the lead sites a little too hard, and
    whatever she used was freezing cold.

    I went for my Vit D bloodwork, too and shortly after the draw,
    my upper right arm began to hurt . . a little too much.

    All I can say is OUCH, and things will not be getting better with
    the weather . . going to have a heat index of 105 degrees for
    the next two days.

    I'll be more attentive to my surroundings when I'm having
    issues and share my findings with my doctor . . thanks for
    the suggestion :)

    What were your Holter Monitor results, if you don't mind me

    I'm sorry if I don't or can't respond, timely . . sitting at the
    computer all day long results in me not being able to at
    home . . at least not as much as I would like to.

    Wishing you better days, and thanks for the thoughts,

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