heart "hurts" again, anyone else?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chilene, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Chilene

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    ok, i KNOW i should get that stress test and i keep avoiding it. i took one 13 years ago at the start of this dd and nearly passed out halfway.

    i was to the doc recently, and had a heart scan about a year back. know i still should try the holter monitor, too.

    but, today was like 90 degrees (i haven't been able to have anyone install my ac unit yet, but will)... and i live in a dusty walkup in Chicago AND had to sort laundry for my assistant in all this. AND do errands...

    i felt VERY lightheaded and my "heart area" is sore on and off (not horribly)... and am hoping the CFS is causing the fatigue and fibro causing the pain... rather than a weak heart. this almost ALWAYs abates when i've gotten lots of rest. (i also took a very long walk yesterday, and most often when i get the "heart" pain, it's after "more than usual" exercise.

    i'm so sick of freaking out! (and yes, i know there's a stress test alternative, and that sounds worse as my body rejects/reacts to IVs and drugs)...

    i also found out i have the HPV virus (high risk antibodies) this week (on TOP of herpes! on top of erythema multiforme!;( ) AND i've had (minor) breast pain (my doc gave me a minor check a few weeks back, but i have never had a mammogram and i'm 43 and now super freaked out to get THAT test, too. (though am about to schedule that).

    ok, sorry to vent and i know i got off topic. it's taken all these years to accept as much as i do have. plain exhausted and just want to NOT worry and have some fun (i know, i know, i gotta get the tests) ;(
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    It may not be your heart. Is it in the sturnum area between the breats. It may just be those muscles, I get very sore there and it hurts. Push gentle on the center of your chest and see and tell me what you feel.

    Yes you should do the monitor to be sure. I am 61 and thought for years it was my heart, I too get lightheaded.

    I have had 3 complete heart workups in the past few years, one just 3 years ago and monitor this year and I am fine.
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    The first time I had chest pain,a couple yrs. ago,I had to go have a stress test.The test alone almost killed me.(I walked on the treadmill,I can't do that again.I will have to do the chemical test)
    The heart dr.(whose name is Dr. Hart,LOL-said everything looked fine.So he blamed it on my FM.
  4. puffant

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    This is a chapter from my 'Fibro Bible' "fibro-myalgia: a comprehensive approach" by Miryam Ehrich Williamson

    "The most commomn cause of FM chest pain is a condition called costcochondritis. There is a place in the chest area where the ribs turn to cartilage and attach to the breastbone (sternum). These attachments, which are directly over the heart, can become sore and inflamed, mimicking angina pectoris, the chest pain that result from the muscle wall of the heart being temporarily deprived of oxygen. To complicate matters, if the pain of costcochondritis frightens you, you may begin pumping adrenaline as you would with any other fright, making your heart race and adding to the impression that you are having a heart attack."

    I got this book about 12 years ago and it has really helped me understand alot of the things going haywire with my body. Hope this isn't old stuff and will help.

  5. Chilene

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    thanks for your reply.

    generally it is below my left breast that i have soreness (and sometimes, very brief pinching or squeezing that lasts for a mere second and is usually gone--almost feels like gas pressure in a way), and not the center. though at times the area under my breasts (breastbone?) will also feel sore all the way across from left to right.

    appreciate your words and insight!;)


  6. Chilene

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    it's good to hear all of your experiences.

    this gives me some idea. (not that i can now blow off the stress test, unfortunately!)

  7. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    wow, i'm so glad to be hearing things that you all are sharing!

    that book sounds great, and i will try to get a hold of it!

    i've posted previously about this chest pain, and i've noticed that costochondritis has been mentioned before... so i am a tad relieved to hear some consistency in SOMEthing (there sure isn't alot with my dd... except for fatigue and the fact that "it's always something"!)