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    does Heart problems seem to go with Lyme?? im thinking probably yes, since it seems to affect every other thing.
    I have bad skipped, irregular, heart palps, chest pain u name it. sometimes its worse than others.

    Also before being treated for lyme, does it have ups & down days where you feel better for maybe a week or so then,WHAM it hits you hard again??

    i start the Lyme Process in June, but scared of the treatment, especially if you get worse before you get better. Don't know how much worse it could get!

    Thanks, Kat
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    Hi kat,

    Yes, heart problems can be caused by lyme.

    At my first LLMD appt I had an EKG and I found out I had a right bundle branch block that I didn't know about. It's not life threatening though.

    He also had me do the valsalva maneuver during the EKG and my heart rate didn't drop during that time like it normally would.

    Some people notice a worsening of their symptoms every 3-4 weeks because the life cycle of a lyme spirochete is 4 weeks...plus you may have coinfections that are contributing.

    It is a little different for everyone depending on the severity of your illness, coinfections you may have, etc.

    Some people herx immediately and others later. My herx was not severe. I especially noticed alot more fatigue, like the flu...and a little more pain.

    There is no way to predict exactly how it will happen for you.

    My LLMD says there are 3 stages of treatment.....first you have a worsening of your symptoms, then you have short windows of improvement that turn into longer windows of improvement and then the plateau phase.