Heart "palpitations" ??? Any thoughts, hints, advice etc?

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    Hi Everyone!

    I have been housebound for many years now, and let me tell you, it is not easy on every level! But today, the heart... I have had odd heart things from the beginning, but every time I have an EKG, or even a 30-day heart monitor, we find nothing too abnormal. I had three serious episodes where I had heart spasms. My heart beat registered as over 300 beats per minute, but it was as if the heart was not taking a full beat, it just rapidly "half-beated." I swear, I thought I was dying, especially the first time it happened. (The E.R. said it was definitely not a heart attack though, because I did not have specific enzymes and heart patterns afterword.. Something along those lines.) Now, this has not happened again for several years, but I still get a lot of palpitations, and odd sensations in my heart. Still, I am told that my heart is safe and fine. I have gained a LOT of weight over the past year, and I just get so nervous about it all. I was diagnosed with POTS years back, but I still have many questions.

    I take fish oil (essential fatty acids,) d-ribose and other supplements that supposedly help the heart. But still, I get heart palpitations when I lean forward a lot! I also get them when I have not eaten or consumed much water. I get them sometimes when I laugh, or when I am using the bathroom... I get them a lot. Today, I have had too many to count, and I thought I would come on here and see if any one of you fellow smart and experienced survivors had experiences like this as well... I work hard to think nothing of them, but it still gets scary sometimes.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you!!!!
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    Hi Happycfs! Firstly, I am sorry to read that you are going through this - definitely scary. I am glad to know that 'they' haven't found anything of concern - but it doesn't really make it any less scary.

    POTS - Although I (thankfully) do not have this, my friend does - seriously. To the point that she can pass out up to 40x a day.

    The one thing that she was told by her POTS specialist (private doctor in London) is that people with POTS need a lot of SALT in their diet (believe it or not).

    Hopefully there is someone else on here who might be able to shed some more light on the situation - have you looked at POTS charity/organisation websites or gone on any POTS specific Facebook groups? There you might find a bit more information. Do definitely check out about the salt. Ha! Amazing! the doctors saying you need more salt! My friend uses either Sel de Mer (full of lots of vitamins and minerals - and is grey - she actually puts it into her drinks...or licks it from her hands) or Himalayan salt (I always want to say Himalayan sea salt - duh!).

    As with everything with these conditions - no research is ever too much - and if you find one thing that makes a difference through it all - then you are ahead of the game.

    Be well,

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    I would look into mineral deficiencies (especially magnesium).

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    This is a question often asked by people with ME, as it is quite common.

    Mostly it seems to be due to NMDA hyperactivity in your brain. This causes an excess of glutamate which is a neuro-excitatory transmitter leading to a bit of hyperactivity in your heart too. This is also why it is important to avoid all monosodiumglutamate in foods. So the extra heart activity looks like anxiety and in fact many doctors will tell you it is most probably anxiety. (which it may be).

    Some people with POTS will need extra salt but ideally the salt should be a mixture of sodium chloride (normal salt), potassium chloride and magnesium chloride. (0.33:0.33:0.33). If you have high BP then you should consult your doctor before adding any salts to your diet.

    However the most common deficiency in ME/CFS is magnesium as stated by RadioFM. So if you do not already take magnesium do consider it. You will need between 400mg-800mg daily. Magnesium supplementation is quite successful unless you are getting Alzheimers dementia then the magnesium may not work in which case you would need memantine.

    Also if you take a high dose Vitamin D as many with ME/CFS now do you will also need to take the following with it:
    vitamin K2 (menaQ7 and menaQ4)
    zinc (any form)
    Magnesium 400mg-800mg

    Vitamin D is also recommended to reduce the heart hyperactivity.
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    When you start reading the symptoms of deficiencies such as mag, potassium, b12...the list goes on
    .. Many of the symptoms are synonymous with FM/CFS /ME.
    So basically when doctors give us meds for these symptoms they are simply bandages... When simple supplements and minerals can actually RESOLVE the issue.
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