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  1. zion1971

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    does anyone experience heart palpitations? a few weeks ago i started having them. i was taking excessive loads of ginseng and stopped. they went away, but have come back. i have a physical scheduled for next month. does anyone else have them? i have been under an extreme amount of stress lately. i hope that is all. i am only 35.
  2. glenda2

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    hi zion
    i have them alot or i used to but the dr. put me on some meds for it and now it does not do it anymore. i also found out after that i had high bp so now i have two meds to help that. i am 41 but have been on the meds for awhile now. if it continues you should see the dr.
  3. Pianowoman

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    I get them too. They are quite common with CFS/FM. We have too much sympathetic activity. They can be aggravated by stress as you have noticed. Uusally, they don't need to be treated but when you have your physical, your doctor can determine what need to be done.

  4. lurkernomore

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    I know it's been said that palpitations are common with fibromyalgia. And I don't want to offend or disagree with anyone else here.

    But I think we also need to be careful and mindful too, that we really need to bear in mind that not everything is fibro-related and pay close attention to symptoms.

    I have tachycardia and have been on beta blockers now for quite awhile. I finally went off the beta blockers because they were really adding to or making a problem with depression worse.

    The rapid heartbeat intensified and I wore a holter monitor and it was determined that I needed to be switched to Digoxin anyway. Just today I got my results from my labs back and the dosage is going to have to be upped.

    So please, take care of yourself, learn how to check your pulse and if you feel like this is more than just anxiety that comes and goes, get in to the doctor quicker than when your physical is due. My doctor really got my attention today by telling me that our hearts sustain us and we need to take care of them and keep the rythm (sp) as close to normal as possible.
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    and tell him/her about it maybe they will bump up your appointment.

    Not a good Idea to wait and see.

    Please call them.
    Take care
  6. KMD90603

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    Yes, I get heart palpitations all of the time, and I'm only 24 years old. However, most of the time palpitations are benign. They can be caused by a number of things including stress, chocolate, and caffeine intake to name a few. It's definitely worth mentioning to your doctor, especially if it's a new symptom. The doctor may want to put you on a holter monitor for a couple of days or perhaps do an echocardiogram. But, it's better to be safe than sorry.

    Gentle hugs,
  7. JuliannaG

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    you should try to get to see the doctor sooner.

    It is probably a reaction to stress, but then, your doctor will be able to treat your accordingly.

    I first started having heart palpitations when I was about 22 years old, and going for my driver's licence, way before the FM was diagnosed. I saw the doctor, and he said it was from the stress. I got them on and off for years. Lately, they have got worse, but I believe it is due to menopause.
  8. CoralFlower

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    I started getting palpitations at age 36, during a stressful time in my life, but they never went away. I finally went to the Cardiologist and had a complete work-up on my heart. They found nothing - just pvc's and pac's.

    The Card. tried to tell me to just deal with them, but within a few months I was back in his office, as the palpitations were literally ruling AND ruining my life. They were causing me extreme anxiety and panic attacks. So I went back to the Card., wore the monitor yet again, and then he put me on a very small dose of a beta blocker, and it has given me my life back! As long as I take it, no more palpitations - and they were almost CONSTANT, at one point, even when I wasn't stressed at all.

    Try not to worry, and talk to your Dr. Maybe he/she will refer you to a Card. so you can make sure all is okay. It's worth it for the peace of mind. I wouldn't have been happy without knowing for sure.