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    I had an episode of lightheadness,weakness,and nausea with rapid heart rate and high blood pressure that never went away. I've been through every test and all came back negative. All I have had is minor elevation in red blood cells and a cardiologist found a slightly enlarged right side of my heart with an atrial septal defect. Now all I am left with is extreme tiredness, brain fog, and weakness. The GP and cardiac surgeon seem to think the symptoms aren't related to my heart. They both think it is stress and depression or cfs. I was wondering if anyone else has/had heart problems like this with cfs. Thanks!!

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    Sorry for the symptoms you are having. Yes, I have everything you've listed - rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, weakness and so forth. I've had CFIDS since '93; Fibro since '03; and was recently diagnosed with autonomic nervous system (ANS) disorder. I've read many things recently that correlates CFIDS or Fibro with ANS disorder. Basically, your autonomic nervous system controls the involuntary systems of your body - heart rate, temperature, breathing, etc.

    Basically, the "regulator" for my heart is out of whack. It doesn't tell it slow down very often - I have a heart rate in the 150's to 160's most of the day, basically the same as running a marathon (and this is on heart meds). When my heart rate does slow down (not often) - it doesn't gradually decrease. It slams down, stays there for a bit, then immediately spikes back up. Again, all symptoms of the ANS disorder. Similar things happen with my blood pressure.

    I am now on a calcium channel blocker (Cardizem) for my heart. It is helping to regulate my heart rate - but I'm still working on an appropriate dose with my doctor.

    It took three years of doctors saying that my heart was fine...just fast...or that it was stress...CFIDS/Fibro, etc. My encouragement to you is to be aggressive in terms of finding out what is going on with you - especially if your symptoms continue. It "could" be that this was just an episode related to CFIDS, stress or whatever. But, if it continues - I'd really press on to find out what's going on. There are several tests they can do to find out more information (wearing a 24 hour heart monitor, tread mill test, tilt table, etc).

    Hope this helps a little bit. Take care. --Tina
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    Thank you for responding and for your help. Well I am praying the symptoms go away when they close the hole in my heart, but the docs are pretty confident they won't. :( My main worry at first was pulmonary hypertension related to the atrial septal defect and it turns out the ph isn't there only what docs think is cfs. It was like the old game show press your luck.I dodged one and I still got whammied! lol :)
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    yeah mine was bouncing around like richard f*in simmons. It controlled well with toprol xl at 50mg daily along with diovan 80mg. I am new to all of this so I am trying to set up some regimen of supplements and vitamins to see if it helps. Maybe some d ribose. We shall see! :)
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    Please search Impedence Cardiograph here on this site.

    I called the company and they had a dozen sites with the correct equipment in my area.

    Think you'll be amazed.

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    Dear Jason:

    I do not have CFS, but have RA and FMS. This past year I have suddenly developed liver problems, lung problems and heart problems due to the RA. I am 44 and have had atrial fibrillation for some time. I was at my PCP in June getting clearance for a D&C and my heart went crazy. She made me go to the ER via ambulance. I was there for 4 hours and they were able to get my heart rate down from 220 with medicine. I went to the cardiologist who found no structural reason for my atrial fibrillation. I had echo and the only thing abnormal was that he said I had a vertical heart, and that most people's hearts tilt one way or the other.

    So I had my D&C and then had a hysterectomy in November. Apparently, my atrial fib did not like the anesthesia, as my heart rate went up to 250 this time. I spent 5 more days in the hospital...and they would not let me go until my heart rate went down to below 100. I am taking meds, including coumadin (which I hate) but I can tell that I am still having the atrial fib most of the time. Sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night and my heart is racing so fast that I cannot even count the beats.

    I was told by my rheumatologist that all of my issues with liver, lungs and heart are related to the RA...and not the medicine that I have taken over the years. Not sure that helps, as I believe that CFS is not supposed to be an inflammatory illness, either is FMS, but I suspect otherwise.

    Good luck to you.