heart racing feel crazy, anyone else?

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  1. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    i've had this before and it usually (like everything else), if i wait awhile, it goes away. but this time it's kind of dragging on.

    after a recent bout of herpes(?)and erythema multiforme (the allergic reaction i get with sun)... i had upper respiratory, skin, low fever and then horrible stomach pain with eating. the racing heart started with all of this. i thought it was the heat or respiratory affecting my short breathing, but now it's cooler and sinuses a bit better, but the heart racing continues.

    had a heart sonogram thing a few years ago and it checked out fine (but for a murmer i've had).

    went to the doc last week, and they noted that my heart rate was a bit high when i walked in (i thought i was gonna faint, exhausted just from driving and walking from parking garage, which wasn't much walking at all, though did have a low temp that day). it was 103 over something, but then down to 95 later... my doc said that she wasn't concerned really. asked me if it was anxiety (grrrrr!... yeah, from THIS!)...

    i keep avoiding the dreaded stress test (thought i wasn't gonna come out alive the way they pushed me 13 years ago). and taking drugs to up my heart rate for the other type of stress test is possibly worse. i am allergic to every drug known to man.

    maybe i should at least try the holter monitor.

    and i'm not sure if it's related but my breathing has gotten really short after eating. i feel horrible and faint after eating (i also have to get the dreaded upper GI to rule stuff out there).

    possibly most annoying, is how my brain/thoughts feel like they are racing crazy. i feel like i could jump out of my skin half the time. plus i'm sweating like crazy.

    it's possible it's all part of a flare. i had three amazing weeks a month ago, and did a LOT more than usual. (walking a block or so every night, plus errands every day--that's alot for me). would LOVE to ride my bike and dance some, again, after all these years, but now am nervous.

    sure would like to know if exercise just tires me out with cfs, or if exercising could do me actual damage with my heart.

    the last week i HAVE felt overwhelmed with other things in life (so that could play a tiny)... but it started way before any real anxiety... i generally DON'T have anxiety.

    anyone else?

    ;) chilene

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  2. findmind

    findmind New Member

    My DP has this after eating; has had it even prior to diagnosis with CFS.

    She was tested for H. pylori bacteria, was positive, got 2 meds..it went away.

    Now, 8 years later, she has it again.

    She does have anxiety, grieving over her lost life, and crying jags.

    She is generally tense and projects the worse for the future. She will not take meds, so we who love her try to just get her to accept each day as it is, good or bad, and reassure her that all is ok.

    She is always much worse after she has exerted herself physically, out of a sincere desire to "stay fit", but I feel sure it affects her cognitive function, which in turn causes her tension and emotional breakdowns.

    Maybe your first step should be to have the upper GI done? I don't know a single person who has shown results with a Holter monitor test, and I have known over 300 CFS patients.

    Hoping for the best for you,
  3. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    thanks for your thoughts!...

    (now i'm really freaked after reading some of that Cheney article about the heart and cfs. dangit.)

    i think i WILL follow through on tests again.

    ;) chilene
  4. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I have had racing heart for awhile...like you, it comes and goes.

    I have been noticing it alot lately, mostly late at night and early morning

    I had a pulse/oxy test done (wear a finger monitor at night) and pulse rate went up to 141 - in the middle of the night

    I have had EKG's and echo's and all okay

    I too, do not want the dreaded stress test as I don't think I can finish one and I don't want the med one

    I finally made an appt with a cardiogist on Sept 2

    I will let you know what he says

    BTW, what meds are you on?

    I often wonder if it is the Effexor causing this
  5. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I also looked at your profile and I took a nasty fall down stairs, hit my head

    I have severe arthritis in my neck and some bone spurs

    I tend to think that has caused alot of problems for me

  6. jewels920

    jewels920 New Member

    Please don't ignore testing your heart but are you sure it's not anxiety? I have the racing heart and racing thoughts quite often and it has no correlation with physical activity.

    I'm stressed because I have a full time job, gas prices are ridiculous and I don't know how I'm going to afford to keep going to work, relationships, family, fibromyalgia...like the rest of us...we all have something.

    If you're not allergic to plants in the goldenrod family, chamomile tea is good to drink when you have anxiety. It also helps digestive upset. Good with honey.

    Oceans of love,

  7. Elisa

    Elisa Member

    Hi All,

    I have the same - severe racing heart - 95-150 bpm since April 08. My thyroid TSH was so low...but the thyroid docs did nothing. It is so hard on me I cry alot from it.

    I have the racing heart and racing thoughts when it is at its worse - it is so aweful there are no words.

    I have been experimenting with calmings supps - such as l-theanine, GABA, lemon balm, passion flower etc. Of course magnesium in hot water can help sometimes.

    But please have the docs so a full thyroid panel of including antibodies...

    God Bless You,

  8. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    I have the same problem with the racing heartrate I have had it as high as 128. It is so stupid, many years ago my son was in the hospital for pnuemonia he was probally 15 months old, well I got to feeling ill, it so happened that my mom was in the same hosptial for a different reason, and my sister's two son's were also in the hospital one had the respritory infection that preemie's get as my son and both of her's were preemies and her other son had pnuemonia too well my dr. and her's was the same . My son was right next door to her well I mentioned what was going on with me to him. So he sends me to the e.r. for a shot to help me feel better. Well I don't have a problem with needles, I am diabetic and take shots, they gave me the shot and next thing I know I wake up and am in I.C.U. with my heart rate skyrocketting and never had had problems before well now I do. I'll put it this way my son is 14 years old and I still have problems with it. It is finally getting under control I am on lisinopril for my blood pressure but because of money problems I am not on anything for my heartrate. What was really stupid is I was laughing in my room while we were all in the hoptial and I was on a heart monitor and the nurse came in and told me that if I didn't stop laughing I was going to die oooh really going to calm me down!!!

  9. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    yes, my heart seems to race the most late at night and when i wake up, too.

    i am curious about the pulse/oxy test--is this a general test that i could mention to my internist/doc? (i'm also wondering if my "puckering" fingertips have to do with blood/oxygen flow--thought it was dehydration, but i'm drinking more water than i used to, so i don't think it's that, not sure).

    i'll be curious to hear about your cardiologist says, too!

    believe it or not, i'm on ZERO meds, because my body just reacts very allergically (to 90 percent) or badly to the rest of every med i try. it's a huge drag.

    and yes, i think my neck issues have had a MAJOR affect on all of this stuff (even caused it, possibly).

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  10. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    thanks for your words!...

    it's possible that it could be anxiety to some degree, but that's new for me, in terms of it lasting more than a few hours or so!...

    i think because my long distance relationship has been fading (that's the big thing)... i've been forced again to deal with the difficulty of living alone with this dd and not being able to work.

    money is a constant stress, even with disability because i probably shouldn't live in a one bedroom apartment in Chicago any longer, but am unwilling to give that up. i've had trouble with roommates even when i WASn't so noise- fragrance-etc.-sensitive. etc.

    at LEAST i have some peace at my place now. (plus i've lived alone for 17 years now!!! hoping to change that with a family some day!)

    (i AM so grateful that my family has been continually able to help me a some financially, too, but i feel so guilty about this, and they DO remind me about it.) cannot live at home as mother and i do not get along and don't live in the same city. i did build up certain connections here over 20 years. my main social circle is nowadays is the 12 step fellowship i get out to a few times a week. and errands. old friends are now so busy...

    was doing some art shows, but that took money and assistance. i may have to start working very part-time again, just for sanity's sake, though i always get so run down when i work (even 12 hours a week).

    even more that just recently came up that is stressful, but the racing heart began awhile before these things... maybe it was intuition... but moreso, i think just overdoing it physically...

    in the past, the racing heart always started with flares from overdoing.

    thank you so much for all your words! and i like "oceans of love"!...

    to you, too!;)

  11. jewels920

    jewels920 New Member

    I lived alone for a long time and while I'm very happy with my man, I didn't mind being alone.

    I was on a tight budget, in fact I was sleeping on the floor the last time I lived alone. But I bought greeting cards with beautiful and spiritual images and stood them up on free surfaces around the house.

    I had plants and I got a couple of sarongs to drape and hang on the bare walls. Lots of candles. I meditate a lot and read anything uplifting I can get my hands on.

    I treated myself like I'm important. And it helped. It gave me some peace.

    Love and hugs.


  12. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    It seems like every night when I first lay down in bed that my heart wants to do flip flops and I can't get comfortable. Also that is when my mind starts racing and everything that is bothing me or going on for that day comes back into focus.

    I take a Xanax and before long I doze off so I just always assumed it was anxiety but I could be wrong.

    Better have it checked out and be sure though.
  13. bdancer

    bdancer New Member

    I too have this...

    It comes and goes and it's almost always when I am sitting at my desk at my LOW-Stress job. It will just hit me out of the blue while I am working. I do not believe for a second that this is anxiety in my case!

    It is probably one of my SCARIEST symptoms!!

    When it happens I also feel dizziness,like I'm going to faint, chest pain, pain in my arms (and sometimes legs too), disorientation/confusion, tingling, hot and cold sensations (like I put Ben-Gay on my skin), very shaky(sometimes to the point of tremors),weak, cold, sometimes trouble talking for awhile after, very thirsty/dry mouth.

    I have been seeing a cardiologist and all tests show no problems with my heart. He can't explain why my heart does this or why my heart rate goes up quickly and drastically with very little exertion. The stress test was hell!

    I know how you feel. This DD and ALL ITS SYMPTOMS are so frustrating and scary!!

    Hang in there...

  14. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I am not a doctor, but could you be hypoglycemic?

    What you described in your post sounded like what happens to me when my blood sugar drops and I definitely am hypoglycemic

  15. Empower

    Empower New Member

    From Organized Wisdom Health website

    A pulse oximeter is a medical device that indirectly measures the oxygen saturation of a patient's blood (as opposed to measuring oxygen saturation directly through a blood sample) and changes in blood volume in the skin, producing a photoplethysmograph. It is often attached to a medical monitor so staff can see a patient's oxygenation at all times....read more at Wikipedia

    Fast Facts:

    -- Allows doctors to tell how much carbon monoxide is in a patients blood1
    -- Oxygen Levels of 95% to 100% are considered normal2
    -- Electric pulse oximeters (and finger pulse oximeters) are available which store several readings.3

    It also measures pulse rate.

    I am sure if you talked to your doctor he would prescibe the test (very harmless test) or maybe a Holter Monitor

    I hope that when I see the cardiologist he will repeat the pulse oxy test because of the 140 bpm and maybe do a Holter Monitor

    Just make sure your insurance will cover it
  16. bdancer

    bdancer New Member

    I don't think it's hypoglycemia since it happens even though I tend to eat every 2 to 3 hours. I have to eat small meals and snacks throughout the day or my GERD gets very bad!

    Thanks for the reply though...that would make sense if I went too long without eating.
  17. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member


    Wow your post caught my attention but good, let me tell you!

    Did any cardiologist say the words Tachycardia, Congestive Heart Failure, Prolapsed Mitral Valve?

    Actually I could have that last phrase backward; I'm sitting here staring at it and wondering if I really meant Mitral Valve Prolapse. Yes. I think that's it.

    MVP in our case doesn't mean Most Valuable Player, lol. In lots of females, MVP is just part of the package we get born with.

    Like you I have a heart murmur. Believe I was around 14 when a Brilliant Dr diagnosed that.

    I went through the treadmill test, followed by heart sonogram several years ago. Dr back then also wanted me to let him do an angioplasty procedure on me but shut up about it when I said no. There's just something about having my leg cut and a catheter threaded through veins into my heart while I'm awake that bothers me...and I've learned through literature re heart issues, also several Real People have told me that the angio procedure can be patient-dangerous all by itself.

    Then he started in about the nuclear stress test. I was floored.
    "You want me to let you put me into tachycardia just so you can see what happens to my heart? Tell you what. How about checking my file from the myriads times I've landed in ER with Tach so bad my usual Fix It At Home method (get flat on back, no pillow, breathe deeply while tightening chest muscles around the heart and if you think that's easy I have this great bridge I'm selling in Brooklyn) didn't work?"

    Dr didn't have any answer. Just sat there and stared at me. Then he claimed that a Bad Episode of tachycardia doesn't cause damage to the heart. WRONG. Of course it's not his heart.

    Anyway, if you do get a diagnosis of Tachycardia please remember to bless the person(s) who invented a fixer called Adenosine. Usually 6 units Adenosine puts my heart right again. I have, though, called for Aid Dispatch because of I Can't Fix It This Time Tachy and been given the usual 6 units Adenosine...ticker slowed down and started to behave itself properly and then Whammo! went right back into "overdrive."

    "Sigh, okay, 6 more units of Adenosine, let's get rolling on this, I'm having chest pain, jaw pain on both sides of face, left arm pain, the blood vessels in hands and forearms hurt and feel expanded too much, and can't catch a full breath." The med techs at the fire dept where I live know me by my first name and can rattle off the usual gang of symptoms when talking to Dispatch by saying a term, looking at me for a nod Yes or head shake No, plus all the things the little machines in the ambulance tell them.

    Then in bounces ER staff doc. "What did you do to bring this on?" is only one of several odd questions I've been asked.
    I tell you, being in Tach doesn't do lots of good for my manners...I told dr that being born in this body was what caused the galloping heart rate.

    My Cardio guy thought it would be a great idea to prescribe Atenolol which is for the high blood pressure I didn't have then and don't have now. Drs should please learn to read patient files. It seems he had decided people with Tach, murmur also must have high BP. Not necessarily so, and I thought Med Schools were supposed to educate Wanna Be Drs instead of leaving that eduction up to the patient involved. Silly me.

    Have done the Holter Monitor 24 hrs twice and, of course, my heart behaved itself as it should both times so no Oops, Uh Oh showed up when the Monitor was delivered back to Dr.

    Then it was "How about Digoxin? It will regulate your heart rate." Dr seemed to think I went into tachycardia every day and, of course, I don't.
    I asked him to start me out on the lowest possible dose but don't believe he listened to me. I'm just the patient, after all.

    No way can I tolerate Digoxin.

    Next bit of brilliance was an order for Diltia, pretty much the same and with the same effects in me as the Digoxin. So I do not use either one.

    High stress can send my heart into the gallops. So can Nothing At All...I've awakened with thumpThumpThump going on so fast I cannot count the beats per minute because they are sort of on top of each other.

    Bottom line, I think the thing to do is to try and keep your mind and spirit as calm as possible. Stay away from "toxic people." They're not good for us OR our hearts.

    The next couple weeks are going to be an learning experience for me in How To Keep Calm; I'm moving, for heaven's sake. No, of course no stress there. Did I mention I have this bridge for sale, lol?

    Helene, be good to yourself and please listen to what your heart and spirit tell you.

    Popped back in to make this too long, I'm sorry, post even a bit longer.

    I forgot to mention NitroStat tablets for angina which I think you said you also get...if I'm correct please do not let the dr or pharmacy palm off NitroQuik tablets onto you. The NQ's are oval so don't fit well into the little cylinder made for Nitro tabs and goes onto a key ring, handy to have. Also they are very soft and one can find that the stored pills have fallen to powder just when they're needed.

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  18. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    i've been busy the last day AND the heart is racing and a tad sore, and now i'm exhausted. do want to and WILL get back to everyone that has replied to my post soon as i can!;)

  19. Lillie17

    Lillie17 New Member

    The treadmill test would be out because that could do us in with post-exertional malaise and relapse.

    The dye they inject for the other test is know to have a high rate of inducing anaphylaxis (which i'm susceptible to)>

    Since most of us with ME/CFS are reactive to activity and pharmaceuticals/chemicals, what is a safe heart test?

    Thanks for any responses.
  20. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    I too have had bad heart arrythmias & flip flops, and like you said sometimes it feels like thiers beats on top of beats.
    years ago a doc said i had a thickening Mitral valve, MVP? im guessing, but ooh dont worry it probably wont be a problem till your old & Grey... Yea right. now not only on top of them coming out of the blue, but now i find when i am overheated & doing to much, if i drink something extremely cold,it makes my heart go wacky!!! dont know why this is but its happened several times in the past few months, then my chest is sore, almost like my heart is Bruised.and i have costo, whick is doubly painful,
    6 months ago i had a hysterectomy, they had something called a q pump on me for pain , and it was really doing a number on my heart, i told the nurses who looked at me like i was nuts.then when the doc came in, i told her about it & she listened to my heart & her eyes got huge & said wow u have a pretty good heart murmer! i have never had one before now, so i know the med was doing something bad to my heart. probably making the mitral valve worse.she took me off the med, but i havent been the same since, i go for tests this month, i think a echo & holter,theres NO WAY im doing a stress test.to be honest i dont think i could make it through one.
    i know women are more prone to MVP, and i have had a flippy heart ever since i can rememer,when im upset or angry it bothers me a lot. but im thinking this new thing is the cfids fibro doing a number on my heart,
    and also does anyone have an idea about Lyme & heart Problems??/ i will be asking for a lyme panel when i go back to doc, as i have never had one.sorry this post was so long,im just real concerned about my heart, i had another attack just today & feel so bad. I just dont see how our hearts can give us so much problems & they just blow it off like it's not a big deal.. LAst time i checked you really need your heart!!! lol thanks, Kat