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    anyone experience a slow heart rate.. mine has been running between 55 and 60 for a while now.. I recently went off Maxzide due to severe leg cramps...my Bp is better off the diuretic than on it.. its also running low.. 100/55 most of the time.

    I know that a normal resting pulse for adults is 60 to 90 so was wondering if its dangerous to have the heart beat lower than the 60..


    Sandy in the Desert
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    No I'm not a runner..my usual heart rate is about 60 ..I have Menieres type symptoms and feel light headed and dizzy from that..

    I just had blood work,chest xray and EKG done a month ago and everything is OK.!!! so I'm curious to see if it stays this low for a few more days.. I just came off Maxzide so don't know if this has anything to do with it or not.

    thanks for the info its much appreciated.

    sandy in the desert
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    Hi, don't know if this will help.. I too have a low heart rate.. ie around 60-68 most the time. Last week when I went in to have minor surgery.. it went down to 50 while in recovery area.. The nurse asked if I worked out.. I said yes, and when she said why she was asking I assured her it had nothing to do with my exercising.. ( I am not THAT in shape).. anyway.. I now wonder if I have been going this low for a while and have not checked. , or if it could be from drug they put me out with? .. I felt no different.. than normal..
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    My heart rate is always between 58 and 65 unless I am doing housework or something. My blood pressure is about 90/60 most of the time. I used to worry that I was too low on both the bp and the heart rate. I have asked my doctor if I should be worried and he says that he wished that all his patients had my stats. I am not a runner and don't exercise regulary either. I do get dizzy quite often though but I got dizzy a lot even before I had all these DD's. I attribute the dizziness to my allergies and sinus problems...but who knows....so many symptoms with FM and CFS.

    A nurse in my doctor's office once told me that her bp is always around the 80/50 range so I should not be concerned with the 90/60 range. Then the doctor said that it is better to have a bp reading on the lower end of the scale than on the high end.

    If you are worried though I would check with you doc just to put your mind at ease.