"Heart Sink" patients , I am so angry

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by baybe, May 9, 2003.

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    Just today reading one of the articles here on sight, I first heard the term "heart sink" a term for doctors regarding pts, with illnesses such as fms, cfs. At first, it sounded caring enough, like maybe their heart sinks because they feel such compassion for us. So I did a search on Google about the word and came up with so many medical journal and papers mentioning "heart sink" patients.
    Turns out it's just a new word for hypochondriac, and their hearts sink, because we take up too much time, money and emotional energy (not necessarily compasion but this ladies sapping my strength). I don't know where to go with this, but like many of you I am entirely overwhelmed by the miserable treatment and disrespect showered upon us by the Medical Profession. If we were to analyze the "affect" and behaviors of these so called professionals they would all end up on the mental wards.
    I write this too vent and also because I am looking to help advocate all I can for any person with a disease that these "clowns" have no knowledge of therefore treat with disdain. To cover their own ignorance by demeaning those of us with conditions they are unable to evaluate let alone cure.
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    some years back in the UK. Sadly it now seems to be catching on elsewhere.

    If their hearts sink, how do they think we feel.

    Ignorance can be so hurtful.

    I finally found a GP (PCP) who doesn't react in that way. She understands how difficult everything is and takes so much of the inevitable problems seriously.

    I'm having difficulties because I can't get access to the right hospital specialists through the NHS. Many tests and investigations have to be done through a specialist in the right field, she cannot request or arrange them. She's tried for me and expresses her own frustration over this.

    She was like a breath of fresh air when I first went to see her.


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    I once had a Dr.say is there anywhere you don't hurt ? I said basically no, so instead of your sarcasim how about practicing that oath you took in Medical School. I think that slowed him down a bit :)
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    When I saw the title to your post my first thought was "honey, don't waste your precious energy being angry....there's a lot of better ways to use it". But AFTER reading this, I applaud you. This is a new term to me and I'm disgusted by it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
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    but it makes me sick to my stomach. dolsgirl
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    THEIR hearts "sink" while their wallets get fat----they don't expend any energy on us, while they worry a lot about patients with "valid" illnesses-----doesn't make me exactly care about their "sinking" hearts...

    Thankfully, we have Madwolf, ac77 and other health professionals here whose hearts probably only sink when they feel they haven't been able to help us enough! They DO understand, & treat us with respect and dignity, spending their off-hours answering our cries for help. And thankfully, we have others here on this board who do mention what great, compassionate doctors they have found.

    Otherwise, this post would be just too depressing...

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    Thank you for the input on "heart sink." Pretty much says it all I believe. I have yet to be diagnosed with CFS/FM and am going to a new Dr. YET AGAIN on Tues. Do I even DARE to be hopeful that I will get the help that I need there? When I brought up to one of the doctors that I was sure that I had CFS b/c I'd had most of the symptoms for over 3 yrs. all he could say was "You really don't want to have that disorder!" He didn't help me at all--just simple blood work. They tend to run us in and out like cattle. Cat
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    The term that use to bug me was, "Anxious Personality", I read that a few time on my charts/record's. I use to get mad about it, but now I really don't care.

    I am a Anxious Personality, I'm anxious for a Cure.

    If my Dr. were to say this to me, it would be because he really did have a 'Sinking Heart", because he Hates that there is no Cure for these dd's. He's my Favorite, but I know the other 2 Dr's I have feel the same way.
    The thing is They are Doctors who are treating me the best they can. They are not Researcher's, but I know they wish that someone would find a cure.

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    I feel like asking my doc if I'm a "heart sink" for him! He doesn't do anything but scratch his head and say "I dunno"! At least he writes the RX's that the specialists Precsribe for me, I have decide that's about all he's good for, and I've had worse docs....but this term makes me mad!


    Brenda :eek:)

    I'm done venting now. Maybe! It wouldn't be the 1st time I told him off, but he still takes my money every 3 months.