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    I have had little heart palpitations on and off for a few years (I was told that it was normal? with FM) I also had one episode of SVT (2 years ago)VERY SCAREY!!! For the last few days I have had some weird experiences -- my heart seems to be either skipping a few beats, or having just a few really really strong rapid heart beats -- when these happen I kind of feel a little weird / light headed, I kind of feel like I'm short circuiting....a little confused... anyone else have episodes like this and is it associated with our FM? I'm sure I will get yelled at by some to get to a dr. or hospital -- but they come and go just as quick.....
  2. reeny64tang

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    I guess I just got a little nervous because no one around me has FM, so I rely on this board. Thanks for taking the time to reply. This weather is killing me....very achy..can't wait to get home and wrap up in something warm and relax!!!
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    My heart races also. I have high blood presure. My doc put me on Toprol XL and it has really calmed down. I have had rapid pulse for a year now well until I started taking that medicne. My new doc gave it to me. My old doc said it was just the fibro dont worry about it. My new doc didnt agree. I must say I feel a whole lot better now.
    Chat soon and hope you get to feeling better
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    get checked out......When I had the SVT episode a couple years ago, they put me on Topral, but I didn't have any more episodes after six months and I don't have high blood pressure, and no heart problems showed up, so they took me off it. This is a different feeling from the SVT, but I have seen other posts on this subject here on the board so I figured I would run it by you all first. Thanks for all your responses.
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    Hi Noreen,
    I started taking calcium pyruvate just for that problem of irregular heatbeats. Someone here recommended that supplement, and I found it really helps. You can also put calcium pyruvate into the search here and read the different posts on it.

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    It is so scary when the heart palps happen. Mine are almost painful. I also have chest pain when I have several palps in a row.

    I just got done Wednesday with a 48 hour holter monitor. I hope to hear something from my doc soon about the results.

    I have been doing investigation into the palps and I must say, there is some scary stuff out there about it. Read that if you have atrial fibrillation you increase your chances of stroke and heart attack. Nice.

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    Yes, I do get them. The ones you describle (feel like really strong rapid heart beat, and light headed) does happened to me a lot. The dr prescribed me with Atenolol, beta blocker. They haven't found anything or know why I get to have heart race all the times. They do assoicate with my legs weakness. One of dr thought I might have POTS but of course, my card. dr thought that was out of questions since I don't pass out (even though I did passed out on tilt test).