Heart Transplants -- More Than Meets the Eye ?

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    Hi All,

    I posted recently on the CFS/FM board regarding a couple of stories I had read about heart transplant experiences. I got a reply indicating that the stories had brought tears to her eyes.

    Since many things get missed, even for people who frequent the CFS/FM boards, I thought I would copy these stories here. I remember being pretty amazed by them when I first came across them. Hope you enjoy them too.

    Regards, Wayne

    Regarding organ transplants 02/08/08 08:00 PM

    Hi All,

    At one time, I read a couple of stories about heart transplants that I think may be of interest for those of us with ME/CFS.

    In the first story, a woman decided to contact the family of the young man whose heart was transplanted to her. She had noticed since getting the heart that she had unusual cravings for certain foods, especially chicken mcnuggets. She also had developed new interests, one being a certain type of dancing.

    After meeting the family, she learned that one of his favorite foods was chicken mcnuggets, and that he had the same interest in dancing. There were also numerous other similarities between him and the new things she was experiencing in her life.

    The second story was about a heart transplant recipient who had felt a very "heavy feeliing" in her heart from the very beginning. She too contacted the family of the heart donor, and had an amazing experience with the donor's wife.

    The wife described how she and her husband had had an argument the night he was killed in a car accident. So they never had a chance to make up. It was a heavy burden for her to carry and was unable to resolve what had happened.

    As they were getting ready finish up their meeting, the wife had a request for the heart recipient. Could she place her hand on her husband's heart one more time? The woman readily agreed.

    And in that moment, the heaviness she had felt in her heart lifted, and never returned. It sounded to me like a spiritual healing on many levels.

    As it pertains to us, I mentioned on another thread how a friend of mine with ME/CFS once asked me if I also felt like energies just go right through me when I'm out in public. I shared how that is true for me, and a number of other posters had similar experiences.

    So, if we are super sensitive to energies that around us, what would happen if these energies were actually emanating from within us with a transplanted organ? I think something to consider.

    This illustration, plus the well thought out reasons posted by Lisapetrison make me feel that I would probably not be a good candidate for an organ transplant. Given the realities of my health circumstances, I would probably feel it was time to gracefully leave this body behind and move on to my next adventure.

    Regards, Wayne
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