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    How many here have heart problems with this DD? Heart's been bothering me pretty bad the last couple months since i had Surgery. BUt it does from time to time, was diagnosed with MVP years ago.seems like it kinda goes hand in hand with cfids/Fibro. thanks
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    Well, this probably won't help you much but it's a fact that for a lot of women, MVP is just part of the package we get at birth.

    Heart murmur, as nearly as I can remember, began to bother me when I was around 14.

    Nosy question: when you say heart is "pretty bad," may I ask whether it's a feeling of pain, or tired, or (I hope not!) racing beats that come so fast you can't count a minutes' worth?

    Local med techs at our fire dept know me by name because sometimes, I don't notice the tachycardia in time to go get flat on my back, no pillow, and try to breathe deeply and slowly while bearing down as if to have a b m.
    If I go and get flat within a minute or two from onset I can usually get it back to my "normal" without having to call for help.

    My cardio guy, when I told him about the tachycardia, insisted that I accept Inderal which lowers blood pressure. Clue: hey doc, just because I have heart issues it doesn't necessarily follow that my b p is too high.
    Wish he'd looked at the file notes that showed my pressure is low-low...
    But I tried his Inderal anyway. Put up with it for about a week and quit.

    Having my b p lowered to way too low wasn't good at all. He said "You'll get used to it." Right. I want to get used to feeling even more like bleep than this d'd makes me feel.

    Oh, and it didn't keep me from going tachy.

    If the pretty bad you talk about is like a fist clenched around your heart, you might talk to your heart doc about setting you up with a scrip for NitroStat.

    Personally, the NitroQuik (sp?) the pharmacy substituted for the NitroStat without letting me know what they were going to do didn't help one bit with angina. Also the little oval tablets are soft and apt to become nothing but powder in the little Nitro carrier on my keyring.
    The pharmacy folks know now to not do that again...

    And: if you get a scrip for Nitro and tucking the tablet(s) under your tongue doesn't make a burny feeling in your mouth followed by a brief headache, the Nitro is too old and should be replaced. Just a bit of FYI that I learned the hard way.

    Best of luck to you!

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    HI Lea,
    thanks for the reply. i have had the rapid heart beats 3 or 4 times over tha lat 10 years or so, not fun at all!! and like you i have been able to stop them with the bearing down thing, & also stickin my head under a faucet of cold water. when i had the first episode, i was offered the typical beta blockers, and like i told the docs then, the rapid thing dosent happen very often, its mostly the slow beats , skipped beats & stuff, never even high blood pressure. and like you the beta blockers just made the slow beats slower & made me feel worse than i already did.SO that didnt last long, since then i have just learned to live with it.here lately it's been really bothering me tho. i have the costocondritis also so its hard to tell sometimes whick it is the heart or just the costo thing. i know it's time for some tests as its been quite a while, just so sick of Pill,& Dr's & new & frightning symptoms. ooh and lets not forget the Pain :(:( But thanks again for the post, it's good to know theres people here that really can understand.{{Hugs}} Kat
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    I have taken the beta blocker Atenolol for over 20 years, it is the easiest one on your system they tell me and no side effects.