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    I've had CFS for a number of years and considered I was recovering, but recently had episodes of breathlessness which led to me collapsing & given a stress test which sent me into complete heart block & an urgent need for a pacemaker. I'm told they's no explanation for the heartblock or the breathlessness. Old CFIDS symptoms like fatigue and fibromyalgia etc have returned.I never had breathlessness like this before. Has anyone heard of similar symptoms- heartblock, breathlessness, with CFIDS before?
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    So sorry to hear of you problems. I haven't heard of it but wanted to BUMP you up.

    Take care.
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    I have CFS,but when I started getting heart problems My DR tested me for Lyme and it looks like I have it. A quite common symptom is heart block plus all c.f.s like symptoms. You need to know a cause and it;s worth checking out.
    Good Luck,
    Patchwork xxxxxxxx

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    Thanks for your replies susan and patchwork. Yes I was tested for lyme disease and results were negative.

    LOL Marieb