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  1. Kim

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    First, I need to say I'm thin, have low blood pressure, and am 47 (close to menopause possibly). My hands and feet are cold most of the time and I only swim when the ocean is above 80 degrees (the salt water is wonderful for FM). I like pools in the 90s range.

    When I use my heating pad I get palpitations and overheated and I really can't understand that because I'm cold so much and can't tolerate cold weather. Hot weather doesn't bother me, just putting the heating pad on my neck, back, or near my chest. I have a very "sensitive" heart and am thinking this might be the reason.

    I've taken my blood pressure to see if the heat is dropping it dramatically but usually not.

    This has become hard because the heating pad helps my neck and shoulders.

    Anyone have the same problem.
  2. nancyneptune

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    I don't use a heating pad at home but I've started getting massages again and he uses a heating pad to loosen up my muscles b4 he starts the massage. I'm telling you it is too stinking HOT! I feel like I can't breathe and I start getting weak. I throw it off of me long before I'm supposed to. I hate heat on my back. I told him cold works better for me on my neck, but nothing on my back. He's baffled. Thinks it should feel good. "fraid not. lol. N
  3. JP

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    I don't do well with heat or cold. I prefer the cold because being overheated causes a feeling of panic and my face burns big time, heart rate goes up, blood presure goes up and so on. I am 42 and my hormones are really normal, with exception to my thyroid...which may be causing difficulty with temps. I am on thyroid meds.

    Hope you find comfort soon...jan
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    Neither used to bother me when I was younger. Now my "temperature comfort zone" has shrunk so much that there's a very small range of temps I can tolerate well. I used to use cold/ice for my aches and pains and it really helped. Now I think I would scream if someone put an ice pack on me. My hands and feet are always cold too, and just putting my hands into cold water or whatever in the kitchen causes me so much pain. On the flip side, too much heat makes me extremely uncomfortable as well. It's hard to find that happy medium.