Heat Exhaustion

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MarieHerman, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. MarieHerman

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    Anyone with fibro experience a type of heat exhaustion? I have had fibro for about 4 years now and this year I can barely go from the house to may car without feeling like I have heat exhaustion......all energy just "melts". I am post menopausal but it is definately not the same.
  2. coyote

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    I have been experiencing this, along with a flare. It is a terrible feeling, you can feel the energy draining down the legs and feet and disappearing. Over the past couple of summers, I actually have had heat exhaustion, with the shakes and nausea...for the first time in my life.

    Do your best to rest and keep cool. My house is not fully AC, so I go to the mall for awile if it gets too hot.

    Hang in there.
  3. mamafurr

    mamafurr New Member

    so i get out of the kitchen! lol. seriously, i can't take it. especially if i have to get into a hot car. i want to crawl out of my skin and scream.....now standing in front of the freezer. it's been very hot here. supposed to cool to 90 by the 4th...yea!
  4. dd

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    The heat just drags every little bit of energy that I have out of my body. This just started a few years ago...before I was dx with CFS/FM. I used to love going to the beaches and do any summertime activity outdoors then I started to get dizzy and weak if I was outside too much. So, I started staying in more. But, I still get HOT even when the AC is cranked. My poor family are always walking around with blankets around them and here I sit with an ice pack around my neck.

    My ob dr ran tests a few years back to see if I was peri-meno but everything came back fine. I finally was dx with Hypothyroidism and take Synthroid now...for about a year and 1/2. I do think that it has made a difference but I still can't tolerate heat like I used to.


  5. lassiecass

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    Yes, the heat is really bad for my fibro. I have the air cranked down to 70. My poor husband has to wear sweats in the house. I am in Arizona and the temp is only 111 today.
    We were just in Mass. and the humidity almost killed me. It may be hot here but I swear it is cooler than that humid stuff. Good luck staying cool.
    Soft Hugs,
    Sandy (Cass)
  6. MarieHerman

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    Thanks everyone. I wasn't sure what was going on. I had some weird heart palputations and talked to a "doctor on call" and she said menopause. I KNOW menopause from this exhaustion....been there, done that! lol