heat reaction, blood sugar plummeted?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tansy, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. tansy

    tansy New Member

    I have symptoms that could easily be attributed to NMH or POTS and have had them for years but the hot weather this year has made them alarmingly worse.

    Taking lots of salt and drinking plenty of water but when this problems kicks in the water just seems to go straight through me.

    Also start to shake as if blood sugar has plummeted, regular test shows levels ok and I do feel the levels are fairly stable until all this happens. Don't eat or drink any of the baddies.

    At peak feel as though I'm going to throw up or passout, the latter has been happening again.

    Awaiting arrival of 24 hour saliva test for DHEA and cortisol. And am asking around for a blood pressure digital reader so I can check pulse and blood pressure changes

    Now for the last two days I haven't been able to get my water, salt and sugar levels up quickly enough in the morning. I really shake big time and feel dreadful until my first meal is absorbed. I know it's the heat triggering this but there's more to come and I wondered if anyone had any ideas as to how I prevent this at the start of the day.


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  2. smilemona

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    ......some watermelon, pineapple, or other sweet fruit in the morning? Maybe fruit juice? Perhaps a drink like the Propel drink that has been mentioned here? I suspect those things wouldn't take too long to digest and get in your system.

    I'm no authority on blood sugar levels. It's just a thought that came to me when I read your post.

    Best wishes~

  3. tansy

    tansy New Member

    I've been keeping fruit right down due to treating candida again and stomach problems, but I've one suitable drink at home which shouldn't aggravate my stomach lining and will get my blood levels up quickly.

    My diet had really stabilised my blood sugar levels, it's just this problem that sends it down. As long as I follow it with the right food afterwards it shouldn't be a problem.

    Sometimes I miss the obvious, especially in the mornings when it takes my brain a long time to suss it's supposed to get back into gear.


  4. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    Hi Tansy,

    i am still recovering from extra busy week....soon will post re doctors appt. though its nothing too exciting. !!

    On reading your message....what do you eat for breakfast ?

    i have had a lot of improvement with blood sugar levels as long as i eat....eat little and often and eat protein.
    Its good you don't eat much fruit because the sugar is not good for dodgey blood sugar levels. You probably know all this but if you are feeling so bad you might forget, when i am feeling bad i really forget everything,
    :-} .

    love, pinkquartz

    i still can't skip any meals and i must eat protein...if i eat only carbs, including fruit i start to feel shakey.

    I wish i had more knowledge, i hope the adrenal test brings enlightenment.
  5. dd

    dd New Member

    It sounds like the symptoms that I get when my blood sugar drops. I was dx'd 2 years ago with Hypoglycemia. I went on the Atkin's Diet to control the ups and downs and the crashes. It has helped me immensely.

    I do notice that no matter how much I control my HG with diet, the heat does a real number on my blood sugar. I can't be out in the heat for any extended period of time because I can actually feel the heat lowering my BS. I have a glucose thermometer and when I check my BS after coming back in from the heat it is always lower than normal. I drink plenty of water and eat right away and it subsides in about 20 minutes.

    I keep a little cooler next to my bed so that I can eat even before I get up. If I get up without eating I get the shakiness and lightheaded feeling from low BS. I keep hard boiled eggs and some deli meats in their along with chuncks of cheddar cheese. I have been doing this for a long time now and it really helps. My HG used to be really bad and I used to try to self medicate with drinking orange juice or sweet fruits but found out from an endo that that was the wrong way to bring the blood sugar back up. I was newly dx'd and thought that something sweet would help...but it only made the crashes more severe. Sometimes if I am out and have not brought my cooler of goodies I do grab a small orange juice and drink a couple of sips just to get the sugar up a little then I get somewhere where I can get some protein to counter-react the orange juice high that I certainly would get.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.


  6. nickname

    nickname New Member

    Hi there - This heat is disastrous for us - know what u mean. I too have bad blood sugar control, and just like Pinkquartz, have to eat protein, carb (salad/veg), and fat ie avocado, olive oil, every 2.5 - 3hours for me. Cannot get away with just the carb/fat, have to have the protein, and it must be animal protein.

    One thing that Carlton Fredericks and Martin Budd says about very poor low blood sugar and overnight fasting, is to eat during the night, setting the clock at your optimum time between eating. So eat before u go to bed (I do), then set your clock to eat again, and then you might be able to last 'till breakfast.

    I know this is probably the last thing u need, to be woken up in the middle of the night, but it is something that they recommend if u need to do it. I think that sleep problems can also be contributed to that dip in LBS in the small hours - the body is waking us up for fuel.

    Maybe try and do this when u really need to.

    LBS is the pits - always eating - never hungry - and woe betide anyone who eats my protein! "Let them eat cake" is not an option for me, not unless it's at the same time as the p/c/f.

    Don't know what else to suggest for u.
    Best wishes
  7. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Thank you all so much for your suggestions.

    Am on a high protein fairly low carbs diet already, no sugar, no refined carbs, and very little fruit if any. I'd got BS levels under reasonable control until this problem flared up, which is what makes it all so frustrating. Eating regularly and the right foods is only keeping the symptoms down as the day goes on, they're not going at all. It's never been this bad before. Grrrrrr.

    Nickname and dd that's a brilliant idea, I always wake throughout the night so can take some food on one of those occassions, might stop the instant effect upon rising. Hadn't thought of that but it's such a sensible idea.

    Pinkquartz would love to hear how your doc appointmtnent went, though a bit dissappointed there's nothing exciting.
    Phoned the lab on Thursday, apparently my e-mail requesting the saliva kit hadn't gone through. It arrived to day. Just one problem, no water for an hour before each test, so may leave it until the weather cools down a bit because the water I drink is still going straight through me. Feel like I could do with a saline IV permanently attached to me.

    So I'm just sat at home most of the time with the fan right next to me, oh what exciting lives we lead!


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