Heating pad/ice how often? Back/hip pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrobutterfly, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. My low back and hips are killing me. How often can you use moist heat and ice? Someone told me you can make it worse using it too often?
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    Don't really know the answer but wanted to chime in to say that my lower back and hips kill me too, and have pain sometimes down both sides of my spine. I use heat whenever I can versus more pain meds since I have a limited supply for the month. It does not actually take the pain away, but it works for the time I am sitting there. If I get up it still hurts.
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    Today, the back and hip pain are extremely severe and I'm just dying. I took aleeve, but it's not even touching half the pain. It's supposed to thunderstorm here and I think it's making this worse with the humidity.

    As with most inflamed things, we're really supposed to ice it, but I can't take the cold and right now, I'm just going to try to sleep. But I am severely dying from this. I went to pick up a prescrip and was dying in the store from the pain.

    I feel like my lower back is nearly broken and the hips hurt, too. I had gotten a new bed recently in hopes of making this better, but so far, it just keeps coming back on me.
  4. thanks for the replies, mine always bothers me, but today is severe also. I got my tens machine out, it helps but is hard to wear 24/7 and your not supposed to , but when its this bad I do whatever that helps. we are going on a vacation soon and pray I am not this bad. Its hard to walk for me when this severe, let alone enjoy anything.
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    I know how debilitating this is. I found that sometimes I've had to ice or use heat almost continually for a day or it gets much worse. If I'm hot or the pain is really acute, I have to use ice otherwise I use heat. I'd heard the same thing but after experimenting I've found that near continual use can help me at times and I don't believe it's ever made me worse.

    My back responds best if I rest it completely for days... weeks... etc... as much as possible.

    ((((((((((((((((Group Hug for All))))))))))))))))


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    my heart goes out to you... I get that horrible back and hip pain too. I use a tens machine that you can get your doctor to prescribe. You put the electrodes right on the hip or other area and it works wonders for me.

    I also use ice ice ice. I use those gel type of ice packs and I leave it on for hours!!!. It helps me a great deal. I know everyone is different.

    Hope you get some relief soon!

  7. I waited to long, I called to get a drs appt for injections in hip/side of buttock and the dr is on vacation and no appts for 3 wks open. sigh, I would be crazy by now without a tens machine, thank goodness a pain management dr gave me one, I never knew about them before. I worry as mine is about 6 yrs old , pray it keeps working.
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    I'm not sure it matters how often you do it. My Mom was hospitalized for severe pain - spinal stenosis, degenerative discs etc. - down to tail bone. She was constantly either on ice or heat.
    The ice sort of numbed the area she said - the heat was more soothing. She would get severe pain down her legs are well (literally couldn't walk) - so she'd have ice on her tail bone area, then the heating pad wrapped around her hip.

    I think trying to see what works for you is best.
    I do know alternating is supposed to be helpful.

    I hope your severe pain subsides soon. I don't have bad back pain (knock on wood) but boy I know what the bad hip pain is like. I wrap my heating pad around my hips....which is no easy task I might add! =)
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    For ice, I've been told 10 min. per hour. Not sure if that is standard advice. Where there is an injury (I'm not saying that's what you have), too much ice for too long can slow down the healing process.

    With chronic pain, the purpose of using ice as I understand it, is to slow the rate of pain sensation transmission from the peripheral nerves. I'm not sure whether the 10 min rule applies for chronic pain, however I don't think continuous ice would be healthy ???

    I myself am a heat girl; love those stick-on patches like Thermacare & the cheaper generic cousins.

    Don't know if you've heard of this, but sometimes hip pain at bedtime is eased a bit with a cushion between the knees. You can purchase specially shaped cushions, or use a rolled towel to do the job. The wedge doesn't work for everyone, but I've found it quite helpful.

    Best wishes.

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